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The big question that is still sitting there is the one that's almost untouchable: IS there another reality alongside? Do we have any direct evidence? Is there ANYTHING that I can say without sounding like a complete lunatic? 

About 2 weeks ago, I thought that there wasn't much to say. But after a  long meditation, maybe there is. For better or worse, let's begin by asking a few questions.

If there is a world alongside, can we see into it? If we were inside, could we see out? If there is a world alongside, can we walk into it? Can we walk around inside it? Does light work there? Does Gravity? Would we feel generally normal? All of that sounds goofy to be asking, but is it really? We might just have enough hints on some of this stuff after all

Diarmuid MacManus & The Stray Sod.

Our hero (MacManus) comes through again.  The first case was from MacManus' minister. He had a visitation to make and set off walking to the place. The walk was able to be shortened quite a bit by crossing a very large field. Though big, it was open and you could see the two large trees near the middle and the rough path leading to the distant exit stile far away. The priest opened the entry gate and started crossing the field as he had done dozens of times before. But when he reached the far side, there was no stile, no path, no cleared area which would allow him to even climb out.

Completely puzzled, he did the obvious: searching all along the hedged area for the missing stile and open patch. Nothing. As he went on he ultimately circumnavigated the entire area: no stile but also no original entry gate either. No matter where he arrived, there was the same impenetrable wall of thick plant staring back at him. He had, as the Irish say, stepped upon the Stray Sod and was trapped within its trickery. An hour or more later, he came to the spot where the exit stile should have been, and there it was.

What should we take from this? Although the field was familiar, and the entry was normal, certain pieces of the area, (
the initial entry gate, the joining patch, and the exit stile) were gone. One's best hypothesis would be that this was imitative of the real field in the normal world, but NOT the real field. It could be walked into, but not walked out of until something changed to allow that. The priest also said that when he initially came to the spot where the exit stile should have been and found it changed, he heard a chuckling as if someone far off were laughing at him.

MacManus' second case was that of a young woman who was a housekeeper at a great house but was going to take the
long walk back to her family in a nearby village. In order to get to that village, she had to cross over the hill called Lis Ard Fort, known as a "fairy fort" by the locals. She did that, and stood at the summit a while enjoying the view outward towards her own village in the distance. Down the hill she danced until she came to a ditch at the bottom. She headed for a gap in the ditch, but when she arrived she blanked a second and was walking in the precise opposite way. She composed herself and turned and walked to the gap. The same thing happened again. It kept happening. Frightened now, she searched along the ditch, always coming up against some "barrier" which refused to let her pass. This happened for hours. She began feeling a sense of hostility radiating toward her from the Fairy Fort.

Feeling hopeless, hours went by. People from the village got concerned and sent out parties. She saw the lanterns coming. She was standing shouting waving, but they showed no sign of seeing her, even though they passed within twenty yards. Finally hours more gone by, she realized that the barrier was gone, and scrambled quickly out and went to her village and family. This case is almost identical to the first with one added piece of information. She could walk in and ultimately walk out. Light, gravity, and other forces seemed to be normal. Time passed normally. The area was as she knew it. The "addition" to reality was the barrier; and the addition to our understanding was that she could see out of the Stray Sod though others could not see in.

MacManus' third case was one in which a man left a party at one house of an estate to go across a large field to another house for the evening. It was past midnight, and the walk began as usual, but very quickly the entirety of the environment changed. He was immediately aware that he was no longer in the familiar field. He as a good Irishman suspected fairy involvement, so he employed the old legend idea of turning his coat inside out. It didn't work. Nothing changed and he couldn't find any sign of a way out. He walked around and worried himself into a nervous sweat. Finally hours later, a glimpse of a way out occurred, and he hurried on. The opening was in the direction of the first house, so he took the opportunity and straggled back there, showing up at the door "in a state."

Again, walk in, walk around, environment changed but not changing the way things like light and gravity work. Could not see out until the very last moment. Time operated normally. This one seemed clearly like a separate Stray Sod bubble out of touch with the normal world. None of MacManus' three cases were of very large places-alongside, even though the priest's field was a very large multi-acre area.

So, MacManus, as usual, helps. What else do we have? 

We have Ron Quinn's three cases for starters. In two of those cases the witnesses were presented with mists, small islands and bridges to get there. In both of those cases they walked across the bridges out of curiosity and voluntarily. The island acreages were similar to the fields in the Irish cases, but within both islands the witnesses saw faery folk (with whom they did not interact.) The witnesses could also see our normal world from the fairy island shore. Light, gravity, and the forces seemed normal. Time passage was also normal. The third case was an entry (again entered voluntarily in the sense of accidental) but this experience included significant change of visual atmosphere once crossing over. The crossing was into a similar physical environment (mountainous) but distinct from the normal. The main addition to our understanding here was that this environment alongside was a very great terrain --- no small field nor island.

In the fairy census there is a good narrative about a hiker pushing aside some forest bushes and noticing a different type of forested area beyond, which was explored for some time, and found very large just as a mountain area should be. Again no time rate issues.

The Trickster phenomenon indicates that transaction of objects out of our normal space to another may even be common. The few faery-world witness cases seem to show that these thousands of small object translocations do not have to disappear into tiny cubbyholes of almost dislocated spacetime, but might have a whole other world into which they migrate. But this is, without need to say it, pretty speculative without more cases of witnesses "going" into there, walking about, and coming back to tell us about it.

There are a fair number of encounters wherein the experience is of a house or even a village out of place which, later, cannot be re-found. I have a list of maybe two or three dozen of these. I'm tired though ... and I don't feel like making ANOTHER lengthy study of a separately defined anomaly, and so, as I know that you know these things already, I'll just leave it as a claim: there are lots of reports of things like cottages et al (even visited inside) which later can not be documented as existing.

But, I am going to revisit one special case ... Helen Lane.

I'm going to repeat my telling of this encounter because it is not only inexplicable but the mere fact that it happened threatens to discombobulate almost any model of reality one chooses to lean upon.

I have several brothers. All of them are great fellows, and all of them are somewhat different. One of them is "grounded" in the real world of work, teaching, service, hammers-and-nails, small town orientation, etc. more so than most people I know. He is not a fool, and is not to be fooled. He goes very slowly to conclusions outside of the normal. His wife enjoys the thought of the unusual much more than he, but she is also an intelligent, substantive woman. I know them very well. There is certainty that the incident that they recounted to me was exactly as they experienced it, to their honest perceptions.

It was July 1998. My sister-in-law's grandmother was dying and she, my brother, her mother, and other family members had gone to the old home area to be with her in the last days. People were spread out, residing with other extended family members et al, some quite a few miles apart. My brother and sister-in-law got a call saying that the time was probably near, and late in the evening (c.11pm) began driving to pick up her mother at another location and then drive to the nursing home. My brother was driving. The trip to the mother's temporary residence was through a relatively non-built-up stretch but which contained suburban structures at intervals and was normally quite well traveled, even at night. (My sister-in-law grew up in this exact area.)

This night there were no cars at all. Out ahead, alongside the road, they could see someone walking dressed in white. As they passed, in a hurry to pick-up the mother to get to the grandmother's location, they saw that this was an older woman in a white nightgown. As they proceeded on down the road, they had a wave of guilt as they felt that this was almost surely an old lady, probably with Alzheimer's, who needed help. They picked up the mother and a cousin and retraced their drive down the still empty road. Up ahead again was the old lady. This time they slowed, asked a question, and the "simple" reply indicated that they must take the woman in and try to help her. Her comment to them was: "Oh God bless you. I am trying to get home". She sat in the rear of the car between the mother and the cousin, and was generally "normal", saying that her name was "Helen Lane" and giving an address and phone number.

My sister-in-law's family had originally lived in this area [some still did] and they knew enough about the place to find the street address. That did not work out due to there being no numbers on any of the houses, and not wanting to wake up the entirely unlighted neighborhood by trial-and-error. They drove instead to a fire station that the family knew was active at all hours. Still no traffic. The fire station was brightly lit as expected. They knocked at the door--nothing. They circled the building looking in windows and knocking--nothing. This was a major establishment as it served, among other locations, a wealthy area of town. But, feeling a little creepy now, they drove on, for up ahead was a police station that the family knew well. [by the way, they had also somewhere in this sequence tried the phone number and only gotten an irate individual who said he'd never heard of Helen Lane and that they'd woken him up].

The police station that they headed for was run, as Chief of Police, by another of their cousins. They didn't expect him to be there at midnight, of course, but they had confidence that the station would handle the old lady and her problems. [she had said a few "childish" things by now which convinced everyone that they were dealing with Alzheimer's]. The police station was there, as it should be, but still with no traffic. It was brightly lit but showing no activity. Through the large front windows, one person could be seen. Greatly relieved, my sister-in-law took Helen Lane up the steps while my brother watched closely. Within there was only this one person. She was a middle-aged woman dressed in civilian clothes. There were no policemen to be seen anywhere. When they came through the door, the woman said "Hello Helen." My sister-in-law told the story, in brief, and the woman said "We know Helen. We'll get her back home". Taking some information on paper, she said not to worry about anything, it would all be taken care of.

As I said, my sister-in-law was familiar with this station. It was far too empty. No dispatcher, no desk sergeant, no policemen of any kind. It just felt wrong---but who knows? They let it go and went back to their car and on to the nursing home where the grandmother had just died. The next morning, both my brother and sister-in-law wanted to lay this to rest. They called on the police station and asked. The Chief, their cousin, was in a position to find out. He told them the following: 1). the station had no record of their visit, nor any particulars; 2). there was no record of the existence of any person named "Helen Lane", as far as their files were concerned; 3). the station should have been busy and active with several uniformed officers on duty; 4). no such person as described as being behind the desk has anything to do with the station, nor does anyone know of such an individual being in the station.

What are we to make of this? Some people would like to say that this is "just" another instance of the "Phantom Hitchhiker" phenomenon. Well, if it makes anyone feel better to give it a name, then God bless you, but that's hardly very helpful. This case seems to be telling me that my relatives "slipped into" an alternate reality for an hour or so, wherein the circumstances were very close but not identical to our "real world". I have to believe that the details as stated happened--multiple witnesses, including some that I'd trust with my life. If they did, then it SEEMS that they were driving about in a world which was in imitation of ours but not quite identical. As my brother said: "we know the woman in the police station didn't exist." Well, what DID exist? What-the-heck went on here? This experience hardly stands alone. The illustration above is meant to picture a roadway encounter in the early 20th century, where after a brief interaction, the man dressed in olde-time clothing just vanished before the witness' eyes. In the UFO literature, cases of this "same-but-not-same" environment crop up now and again. And the mysterious "empty" road is common. I have no good "model" for this reality. I find it difficult to incorporate these displacements or slippages into a coherent way of thinking about anomalies. And there seems to be more than random accident here; more like an "intention". My brother said: "I think it was a test." Maybe, Bro, maybe.

This event, which I heard about from my family long before any study of Faery and Stray Sod, seems incredibly useful to me in understanding some bits of our current inquiries. My family members seamlessly drove into a reality of which they recognized nearly every aspect. Other than the emptiness of the usually busy road, everything was so much as it should be that there was no thought of something strange going on. Light worked; Gravity worked; the car engine worked; everything still worked. BUT it still was not our reality. Somehow a near perfect matching of familiar reality was in place, but my family and their car were not in our space. Their experience doesn't seem much like being in Faery, but if "someone" wanted it to be, then ... how much more would they really need to add? (By the way, the rate of Time seemed normal here too.)

I know that you cannot buy the Helen Lane mystery with the assurance that I can. Maybe the MacManus and Quinn and Fairy Census and all the other displacement tales can fill in that credibility gap. I hope so. Because for me, the Helen Lane event broke the barriers of stubborn skepticism. Also, it about exhausts what I can usefully say to you about all this "other dimensional" stuff. I could utter pseudo-scientific vagueness about the Quantum Front of the Universe-to-come surging into the Uncollapsed Sea-of-Indeterminism (Ouch!) and the possibility of more or less Likely universes being "crystallized" (our own but also slightly less endowed realities) or twin universes with variable particle spins, which only become interactive via exotic force situations in boundary interfaces, or Block theories of Time and re-running of fixed matter relationships a la filmstrips, etc etc until we all went completely insane or at least went out for a drink.
But I'm not falling for that. The truth, if ever we find it, resides in only one area: The Case Reports, The Actual Experiences of Real People. Never drift too far from that. Anyone can dream up neat sounding BS.

I have been blessed with just the happy amount of great anomalistic experiences. A good UFO close encounter (which is irrelevant here since advanced aero-tech is part of normal universal behavior), a great Trickster (my watch) translocation, and Helen Lane (plus poltergeists et al) from my family. Helen Lane and the translocation(s) pretty much end discussion for me regarding the existence of another space-time. The translocations and the Trickster pretty much end discussion for me that at least some of these experiences are "intentional" and not by us.

or NICE?

I think that I'm done now. Maybe for a long time. Whether anything more gets published in this blog is unknown to me, as other work (a review chapter on CE2 electromagnetic effects, plus a possible piece for Simon Young, plus a book maybe) encroaches, which work has been long put off. If anyone has a particular request, and I think that i have anything worth saying, maybe that will move me to resuscitate this enterprise again.

As I leave, you might be interested in one of the wilder "World Alongside" claims published and updated earlier on this blog. Way back in 2009 I did an entry called The Man Who Found a Door in the World --- it was from a letter and packet of geological information sent to Dr. Hynek. Later in 2015, I received a little more information on the case and published a second blog entry titled Are There Doors in the World? It at the very least is fun. "Search it" on the blog and have a good read.

Blessings to all of you, and stay close to the "data" (the reports) on your quests --- they will inoculate you against the tiny minded reductionists whose words blow hot against the Soul. As to that: someone told me once that my name could be scrambled to become Charles Wisdom. I thought that was pretty inappropriate and over-inflated (picture pun on this shortly). So I tried one for myself. My spelling wasn't as good but I got Wilde Shamrocs. For this time-displaced Irish Catholic Boy, that felt just about right. The two persona then had a conversation with our cousin, the West Virginian philosopher, Mountain William.

CW: My dear WS, don't you think that you're a bit rough on the academics?
WS: Perhaps, some of them are OK. But others ....
MW: Seems to me that most of them are like fancy cars with four flat tires.
WS: Yeh. They could use a little Fresh Air to get them moving.
CW: But what if you're just full of Hot Air yourself?
WS: That might not be so bad.

Sail On, Friends


  1. I had a disconnect from the mundane walking up the hill to Maeve's Tomb. I was on the path with everyone else out for a sunday walk with their kiddos, and then i wasnt. I was alone and the mound was no longer visible at the top. In fact, the top wasn't there. The path was gone and so was everyone else. I had been chanting and charging two crystals on the way, and concentrating on them. When i became aware of my surroundings again, i found I had strayed into Somewhere Else.

    1. One reason why this sort of narrative is not helpful to the researcher-seeker is that there is no completion to the experience told. This forces the reader to be unimpressed by the claim, and wondering if anything happened at all. Are we to believe that the real world never returned? That the people accompanying weren't informed? That they saw nothing? That they believed or didn't? As it stands, the words are just interesting claims and do not strike a note of actually happening due to the omission of a completion to the story.

  2. Thanks for the blog! You will be missed. PS. Missing 411/David Paulides includes several accounts of individuals who vanished while walking with a group. No one noticed at the time. They simply go missing. I spoke with a woman who was a tour guide in Sedona, AZ - who said she was walking with friends on a trail when she stepped into an area where she could still see her friends but they could not see or hear her. She retraced her steps to get back to their position and they asked where she had gone. (That interview is with Jocelyn Buckner posted in my podcast archives.)

    1. Thank you. I usually don't let site referrals stay up in the comments (and put them in spam) but this is not spam and is doubtless of interest to many readers. I am skeptical of the Paulides materials, but have not done a proper dive into the subject as he presents it to have earned an opinion, so I'll leave that part of the issue with that.

  3. I have 10+ years to go back on and enjoy thanks to you sir (just discovered blog this last week). Seems I’ve started with the Summa Faeryologica and will move backwards. You are an inspiration to say the least, and your candor in approaching this subject really helped draw me closer to this “fringe” subject in its entirety.

    Please, please consider writing here or elsewhere, you have said so much and it means a lot. Thank you so much

    1. Well, thanks. My only goal has been to open up people's willingness to consider the much wider world than textbook academia allows. I do this mostly by trying to give information in a form that makes it easy to imagine that it could be truly openly presented. That means fully sharing as much as possible, to get the base information out there in a non-personal way, and as far beyond believe-it-or-not as we can. Some people cannot relate to this objective concern for whatever the truth would turn out to be, and I sort of get that, but fully sharing the whole is the only chance we have to get a glimpse of the truth.

      An example of this came in my own UFO sighting. Just before going down the hall to look out our house's side window to see if I could see the "light" that someone was describing on the radio, I thought that I heard a voice in my head which said "Hurry", and my hair on my neck stood up. I hurried and upon throwing up the blinds, there the UFO was just as if entering a stage. I felt uncomfortable adding this to my report for many years. The sighting was VERY concrete, but was this just subjective irrelevance? If so, why add it? If not? What extreme strangeness did it put into the case, and would that in some scary way ruin it? Ultimately I matured and was willing to tell the whole story even though I don't understand that part of it.

      I try to look at these things as would a scientific explorer. Objectively. Questioning. Trying to separate fact from personality. Not everyone on the "Convinced" side likes that approach (again I understand) but it's the only way we have a chance to see more clearly. So that's what the Big Study has always been about: "Big" in that it does not close doors before the work even begins; "Study" in that it tries to find the facts as it can, rather than the good feeling regardless of the things we discover along the way.

    2. Was wondering if you would watch this video ( of Mark Barton speaking of a recent experience he had with an entity in the forest in February earlier this year. The man seems to have severe PTSD from the incident and I do not at all find him to be deceiving, was wondering if someone like yourself could possibly take a look at this and give your thoughts. The video is quite long and I understand if you don’t have time to watch it, but it seems to tie deeply into the entire phenomenon. It disturbed me.

    3. No. I'll not watch that through. It's two hours of emotional and fairly incoherent struggling by the speaker to try to get his experience across (from the little i watched and commentary about it elsewhere.) This fellow reminds me VERY much of an abductee --- and I would not be boggled to ultimately learn that he has had an entirely different experience in the woods which has traumatized him, and the resultant PTSD has created this weird but strangely aggrandizing cover fantasy. But as I will not dig into this (an honest inquiry would take a huge effort) I have not earned an opinion, and will simply say that it is a strange story.

  4. I discovered your blog in my browser bookmarks, without ever having visited it before (as far as i can remember).I am fascinated by your research on the "OZ Factor", and hope you will continue to publish. I am into this topic for many years, but have never found anything like what you have posted here.

  5. Hey there. I don’t know how else to contact you and hopefully you see this, I hope you’ve been well.

    I was wondering sir of your opinion of Ingo Swann and his book Penetration: A Question Of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy.

    Have you ever dealt with the works of Ingo? Have you read his book or would you considering reading it and discussing it with me? I value your insight so very much sir, you have no idea.

    1. As to reading Swann's book and discussing: no. I have no time for that.

      As to Swann himself: don't have a read on his character, but anyone who keeps pushing claim after claim out there without any attached research and book after book, bothers me. Hal Puthoff had Swann as one of his three hoped-for stars in the SRI MINDREACH experiments (so I suppose that Swann was in the CIA tests as well.) Hal did not think that Swann was as good at it as Pat Price or Hella Hamid.

    2. Interesting. Do you speak with Hal Puthoff ever on occasion or been well acquainted with him beyond your academic work? His involvement at TTSA is interesting to say the least, I can’t imagine someone like him with high security clearances and academic influence to go their whole lives without getting much closer to the “truth” than your normal everyday citizen.

      I purchased your Grassroots UFO book recently by the way I am excited to give it a read!

  6. When I was active in the Society for Scientific Exploration i spoke with Hal quite a bit. I consider Hal a friend and I believe that the feeling is mutual. As to "getting much closer to the Truth:" The Truth is quite difficult to ascertain in any of these mysteries. Were it easier, we'd have known a long time ago. And a bunch of this is social in nature --- we have so screwed up the social and intellectual elements important to researching most of these mysteries, that we ourselves have formed substantial barriers to clear-seeing any of them.

  7. Hope you are doing well Professor! I think about this blog often, just wanted to check in to say hello. Any new insight on the world alongside that you've thought about potentially writing about since your last post?

    Not sure if you still check the comments here but regardless, best wishes to you and your family!

    1. Thank you. I am in a retirement community and am busy with health-upkeeping and lots of down-to-Earth practical things. Age 80 now. I still write when I can squeeze things in. This blog, however, will no longer allow me to insert things from my desktop into a post, and merely writing on it is more of a hassle, so even if I'm tempted (and I have a piece on where the Druids came from) posting here just won't be happening. Which is a bit sad as I've enjoyed the wanderings.

      Best to you (and all the former readers.)

    2. Thank you for all the great content you've published here over the years. Wishing you continued good health and well-being!

    3. You are welcome, Kevin. Hope your own research and life goes well. I was happy to play a small part.

  8. Good afternoon and well met Dr. Swords,

    I just wanted to check in, and send my regards, after so many years. I do hope you are well, first and foremost, and also wanted to thank you for so many years (decades, really) of inspiration and early tutelage back at WMU. I have, of course, kept abreast of your work and publications over the years. I am getting into my 50s now, growing a family (3 girls!), and have maintained a strong interest in the subject of UFOs. I am somewhat active over at the subreddit r/UFOs, if you know what that is. At any rate, thank you again and best to you and yours. May the road always rise to meet you, good sir!

    1. Hello again, Tim. Glad to hear that life is well. I'm 81 now and living fairly healthily in a retirement community, but have stopped galavanting around the country doing talks et al. I and my friends have completed another huge UFO book on the phenomenology, but are stuck on the editing for print stage --- so it's not ready for the public yet. Still reading lots of case files and occasionally turning over a fertile piece of peat for the fire. Have a blessed holiday season.

  9. Dr. Swords! How goes things? I think about you often and I wish you well. Just checking up. I continue to search for the truth, and I often come back to this blog for things. I am so glad you went on this endeavor. The fringe needed people like you, I tread just as you have. Would love to hear from you, best wishes.

    1. Hello. Sorry that I don't recognize the address "Ders".

      Although I'm (obviously) not publishing on the blog anymore, I am still trying to explore these things.
      At age 82, and in a retirement community, time and energy are "different." So "progress" is slower than in
      the old days when I could create a pretty respectable research posting in a day. I've felt that my answers
      to almost all the mysteries (for my satisfaction, not anyone else's I realize) are comfortable for me except
      for one last Out Proctor Quixotian Quest: The World of Fairie Encounters.

      This is a tough one requiring a ufologist's credibility assessment of cases almost entirely out of reach in time.
      Still, I'm finding cases --- more than I thought that I would. Writing the book is slow. I'm 5 chapters in, however,
      and think I'll probably finish in perhaps twenty more. There's enough richness here that this story needs to be
      told again from the pure encounters perspective, not the fairytale one. I think that I'll finish. Then it will be a
      matter of getting help with manuscript to be publisher-ready (which I cannot do, but somehow it will happen.)

  10. Hello Dr. Swords, how goes things? Just checking in to say hello! The Overton window seems to be shifting in terms of the UFO/UAP Phenomenon, especially in terms of government transparency, not that I have my hopes up. You been working on anything recently? I hope you are well!

  11. I don't think that anything associated with UFOs attains the level of concern from any large group of citizens to be Overton Window Shift material. "Politicians" certainly don't even care (really), so in that sense there is no conscious "Window" to sift. If any analogous shift ever occurs, it will be relatively silently via case releases which drag some public "truth-speakers" (not politicians) to make strong sympathetic statements about the phenomenon and its possible meanings. Even if a guy like Avi Loeb would discover something, he would have to have the guts to make a really big thing about it publicly, and then drag some others along with him. I believe that it's not likely any of that will happen.

  12. Dear Dr. Swords,

    I hope you're well. I'm really curious about the state of your UFO phenomenology book. I've been looking forward to it for years, ever since I saw it listed on Anomalist Books, but it's not there anymore and I can't find any updates anywhere.

  13. The book still isn't published. Eddie Bullard is heroically trying to push it over the line.

  14. I am also interested in your book. And I miss your blog/essays.

  15. I'm nearly 83 now, and my energy is much reduced --- and the proper research FOR EACH BLOG ENTRY should never be trivial, and I never allowed myself to slack in the preparation task. (I was not perfectly accurate but it was not for lack of trying.) My window of research energy each day tends to be the afternoon hours, post mild exercise and pre dinner meal. That's not a lot of time for real work.

    I have been introduced to a large mostly-virgin site of Irish Folklore reports, and mining that resource is a giant time commitment --- but exciting enough as discovery is concerned. When I am occasionally ready, I'll write things for Dr Simon Young's Fairy Investigation Newsletter and he will publish them there. Ultimately there will be a book on whether there is credible evidence for objective fairy entity existence.

    For those of you craving the UFO side of things, CUFOS is undergoing a revitalization of its entire holdings and the results of that will manifest gradually on its website. People are asking me to ultimately do some short documentary type things for the site. That will probably also happen in time.



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