Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Air Force Admits Again That UFOs Are Real and Nobody's Listening

Admittedly it takes a lot of "listening" in the right places, but the military has regularly placed into their formal documents the admission that it knows perfectly well that the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects is real. This instance, however, is spectacular on both the level of the phenomenon observed and on the level of the clarity of the admissions. -------------------------------------------------------The incident took place over Tehran, Iran on September 19, 1976. This was seven years after the close of the UFO project, Blue Book, and the alleged ending of any interest in the UFO topic by the military. That evening, several citizens had called the local airport to report unusual lights in the sky. The supervisor ultimately went out and saw the object himself. [All this which will be reported here is, by the way, directly from documents released by the Defense Intelligence Agency in agreement with the National Security Agency (NSA) ]. After watching the "rectangular" object [with a small red light seemingly circling around it] for an hour, he finally decided to call the nearby airbase. The Commanding Officer of the Iranian Air Force Command sent up an F-4 Phantom jet. The pilot spotted the bogey easily and set to intercept. Once he was within 29 miles, his instrumentation [including communications] cut out.He abandoned the mission and headed back to base. The CO sent up another jet. There was again immediate visual perception and a radar lock-on. The object was judged to be the size of a Boeing tanker aircraft. It was extremely brilliant with colors flashing blue, green, orange, red in rapid sequence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Then the thing did something that the pilot evaluated as hostile. It "emitted" a small red object which flew directly at the F-4. The pilot began to arm and fire at the "missile". At that moment his whole control panel and his communications died. He initiated a violent evasive turn and flew off. The small object returned to the big cylinder, which then emitted another, which flew downward and seemed to land. The F-4 regained instrument function once it had gotten a certain distance away from the big object. The pilot watched the action from a safe distance before returning to base. What he saw he interpreted as a set of light signals which seemed coordinated between the the landed object and the big cylinder. During daylight hours an inspection of the area of the possible landing showed no ground traces. -----------------------------------------------This report leaked through Iranian Air Force sources, or we'd probably never have gotten it. Once "out" however, the retrieval of documents by FOIA or other requests [for instance through Congressmen] gets a little more likely. Ultimately the DIA/NSA decided to release the documents which confirmed everything. In those documents were phrases like "outstanding report", "case is a classic", "meets all the criteria for a valid study of the UFO phenomenon"...I kid you not.

The document on the right was an added surprise. The NSA had given the case reports to one of their operatives [also an Air Force officer] to include in the classified "Secret" intelligence magazine, MIJI Quarterly. They apparently had decided that cases like this needed to be known by operatives in the field who were charged with dealing with problems of "electronic countermeasures" such as jamming, signal confusion, instrument interference, etc. Captain Shields tells the whole tale. But what is of greater interest is the casual admission written just below the title: "Sometime in his career, each pilot can expect to encounter strange, unusual happenings which will never be adequately or entirely explained by logic or subsequent investigation. The following article recounts just such an episode as reported by two F-4 Phantom crews of the Imperial Iranian Air Force during late 1976. No additional information or explanation of the strange events has been forthcoming: the story will probably be filed away and probably forgotten, but it makes interesting, and possibly disturbing, reading." Well, don't say we UFOlogists didn't tell you so. "Each pilot" can expect something like this sooner or later. But we'll just file it away and forget it, because, well, what else can we do? The intelligence community STILL believes that the citizenry "can't handle the Truth". How about you? Can YOU handle it?


  1. This incident state 2 interesting things for me :

    - The UFO phenomena disable the electronics but not the plane, as the pilot trying to activate his weapon system.
    - The non agresive way these UFO phenomena drove the pilots away (eg scaring them basically)

    the 2 above also a pattern in close encounter cases where the beings paralyze or disable the witness only after suspected hostile intention.

    so they have the abilities do do that but they have to have a reason to do so. its like they are under law not to initiate hostility unless fired upon.

    1. I have never seen a case where I was convinced that deliberate harmful hostility was projected. I can only maintain this position, however, by theorizing an elaborate "social confusion" occurring in the NE Brazil area which Bob Pratt goes into a great deal. I DO however believe that whole business is based on a bunch of errors and naive or wannabee personnel at the healthcare station there, and by a person or two in the military.

      If this model is true, then whatever agency is behind the total UFO phenomenon does NOT operate with physically-harmful intention, and does not do that by design. Upon reflection, unless one would contemplate UFO sadists, given their extreme technological superiority, why would they??



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