Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OZ TWO: We're Not (Quite) In Kansas Anymore

UFOlogists have been receiving reports containing uncanny shifts in the normal environment for years without noting that it was a "theme" in much of the high-strangeness pile of incidents. It was never a concentration of interest for me until recently, and it is only after-the-fact that I notice about 40 or so of these cases in my files. Because the phenomenon of the OZ effect is genuinely interesting, and because these particular three cases that I'm about to describe are interesting, I'm going to present them even though I've had no direct relationship to any of the investigations. So, "buyer beware". I put them out there because [although they are "better", fuller, stories than most] they are coherent with many other reports in the literature. So, off we go "to see the wizard". -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Case one: December 1959, Proberta, California. A truck driver was heading to work at 5:45am. His radio began going out, and his lights begin to dim. He pulled off the road and got out. He noticed that unlike any other time time in his life, the road was completely devoid of cars. Despite the time-of-day, the road was normally heavily travelled. And there was something else. Hanging over the road behind him was a large, bright, green crescent. He was terrified by this and broke into a full-body sweat. The thing seemed to be drawing him towards it ["I felt like I was being sucked up in space toward the object as by a magnet"]. He thought about getting his gun from the truck and firing at the object. His thoughts cleared and he rushed to the truck only to find that the object was gone. The truck's lights had come back on and he began to drive away. Smelling a burning odor, he makeshift-repaired the truck and limped in to work. He later found that both his battery and his generator were badly damaged and had to be replaced.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Case two: April 1978, Montreal, Quebec. A young man [19] was just finishing first Sedar with relatives and it had grown late [10:15pm] and the dog needed to be walked. He had a "standard route" for this chore and so was completely familiar with the surroundings. This night, however, there was a distinct lack of anything else going on: "I was the only person out that night. It was like in the movies when a crime is committed or a monster comes out and chases you--you are all alone and the viewer thinks how unrealistic can you get! But that's exactly what happened. The streets were deserted , no animals, no cars passing by, no other people". There was something though. A bright yellow light was dancing about in the sky. Feeling a bit foolish at the moment, the young man said [mentally] that he'd like to go on a trip with a spaceship. At that the cylindrical yellow light became a silver saucer and instantly moved almost directly above him. [over a streetlight]. A door or hatch seemed to be opening, and the witness was scared to death. He said [again mentally] that he didn't want to be taken and please go away. The hatch then closed, the saucer became like light, and then "broke up into smoke and disappeared", only to reappear some distance away. He and his dog [which never responded at all to this thing] were walking in the direction of the now-distant light towards a small forested area. That thought gave him pause. Did he really want to walk the dog in the forest? Mentally he thought: No you're not getting me to go in there. The light changed to the disk again and flew straight at him. This time he completely panicked and screamed "NO!" out loud. Very near to apparently hitting him, the disk did its vanishing act again and reappeared in the distance. Dog-walking was now low priority, and he ran back towards his house. The disk however was not quite through and resolidified and parked over the house across the street. Running inside, he told his mother what had happened, she of course not believing a word of it. Finally he convinced her to take a look. There the thing was, hatch open, and the craft vibrating. His mom said: "Oh my!" The hatch closed, the saucer became light then smoke and was gone again as a distant light. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Case three: November 1978, Daventry, England. A school teacher was leaving a school party due to a crashing headache [skeptics have seized upon this as the cause of what follows and each of us may have their own opinions]. She was driving home and saw a UFO above the road [two connected spheres, one with a green light emission, one with red]. Traffic at this point was normal--no OZ, yet. After driving a bit further on, she stopped ,got out and watched the thing from this different perspective.[the fact that the perspective changed appropriately is an argument against this being some mental light-flash illusion]. Getting back into the car and driving on, she found that the accelerator pedal would not work properly and the car was slowing towards a stop. There was no noise from the engine at all. Still, the automobile continued to creep forward at a slow pace. At this point the rural road was empty. She calmly got herself together and went through a start-up sequence [while rolling] and it worked. She proceeded on for about 300 meters normally. The car entered an area where the trees overhang the road like a canopy or tunnel. At the end of that tunnel, suddenly, without any awareness of how it happened, she was sitting in a stopped vehicle and the surroundings were totally black--no light anywhere. This was at the border of Church Stowe--a place she knew very well. Although not even able to see her own vehicle, she"felt strangely calm and unafraid". Suddenly a brilliant globe of white light appeared at the left side of the car. She was immediately able to recognize exactly where she was in relationship to known buildings of the area. Then the light extinguished--total blackness. On again a bit further around the car. Off. On. Fifteen times the globe cycled a bit further around her. Fascinated, she sat there taking every detail in. And then, "Good Gracious!", the whole world was back to normal lighting. What was REALLY wrong about this, though, was that she was now in motion, driving 30 yards further down the road in the village. She had been stopped--all of her senses during the 15 periods of illumination told her that she was in the same spot and NOT in motion. She drove straight home and told her stunned police inspector husband the encounter over dinner. Later on that evening, she had another headache, which never occurred again. Perhaps all this was aberrant brain chemistry, but the "event" was awfully elaborate and not-at-all painful or even unpleasant while it was going on. And she had no previous imagery to draw from to invent the experience. Still, who knows? Could it have been that "Good Gracious, Toto, we're not in Church Stowe anymore"?

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  1. "Case two: April 1978, Montreal, Quebec." seems that the entity showing their multiple masks (as ghost, as BoL, as Saucer) and in all their form it read the mind of the witness.

    "Case three: November 1978, Daventry, England" is this the case of 'missing time / abduction of soul while your body still driving' type of case or a teleportation case ?

    all these OZ examples feels like ghost stories with their usual antics (the same in every nation on earth)..



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