Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, Ya gotta talk about it sooner or later: ROSWELL

Roswell has been fun for me--a real-life adventure. Many times I've trekked down to the Center for UFO Studies to meet "in secret" with Kevin Randle, Don Schmitt, and the boys to hear of the latest breaks and new witnesses. Sitting there at CUFOS, there were absolutely no reasons to believe that what was being uncovered was not true [at least in the general terms]. And, generally, I still believe that to be true. Going down to Roswell itself, I saw the shifty Frank Kaufman [who always made me doubtful of his stories--especially when he said he had to sit on the john with mirrors so that he could always see the radar screen that fateful evening--complete military fish-story nonsense told to see just how "tolerant" his listeners were to bullshit]. But I also saw the son of James Ragsdale, wiry strong and desert sun-blasted, drive up to his dad's home to see who we intruders were, and confirm to Don and Mark Chesney that his father had spoken of seeing the crash-site long ago. It was disgusting then to see what was probably good testimony ruined by an "entrepreneurial" family decision to rewrite the dying father's memories in ways that facilitated making a few bucks. I spent a little time looking in nooks and crannies at a possible second crash site, and as this was way before any word of this came out, well...we just might have found something. There were the latest audio interviews and transcripts, and Don and Kevin looking on nervously as Frank Reid wrote copious notes on matters not yet ready for prime time. It was a blast. And it could have ALL been real. So, how much was?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Something VERY anomalous happened at Roswell. There shouldn't be much doubt in people's minds about that. The reasons are very simple actually. [Despite how most folks try to muddy the issues]. Something scattered debris, reasonably widely, around a large field on the Foster ranch north of town. Everyone agrees to that. The Army Air Force authorities announced first that it was a flying disk and then that it was a weather balloon. Everyone agrees to that, too. As part of the second half of the AAF's Roswell strategy, high authorities at Fort Worth AAF HQ held a press conference where they had the Roswell base intelligence officer hold up pieces of an ordinary weather balloon and claim that that was what he found. Again, all agree. Now, this ordinary weather ballon was NOT the debris that the intel officer picked up and brought back to base. This is true because even the skeptics and the Air Force say that the thing which came down was something else--a completely different type of balloon. Therefore, by unassailable logic, the press conference was rigged and the military authorities lied. This as yet doesn't say that they were lying about a UFO, but it DOES say that they were lying, and we should quit being so naive or dissembling to continue to believe that they didn't do this sort of thing. Also, they are not pathological liars, but rather do so when they feel it's required due to the importance of the situation. The debris was important and they lied about it. But, what WAS it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Air Force continued its debunking of the crash right up into modern days. In their extensive reports, they pointed out something which should be of some interest to people wanting to know about Roswell: they showed many pictures of "everyday folks" retrieving some of these high-tech balloons for the researchers. If everyday ranch folk can easily recognize a Mogul balloon, then I am supposed to believe that the chief intelligence officer of the base can't? This is so astoundingly preposterous to me that it continues to baffle me. Of COURSE Jesse Marcel could recognize the difference between balloons, no matter HOW "fancy", and something that went FAR beyond his experience. Marcel knew what he picked up and brought back to base was no kind of balloon [one wonders why it is even necessary to mention such a thing]. Base Commander Blanchard would hardly have problems noticing either. Marcel knew that the Fort Worth conference was making him be the stupid fall-guy for something and he didn't like it, but with a General giving him orders, what could he do but smile and bear it? [look at the guy's face]. How anyone has entertained that this stuff was some balloon debris is a testimony to our ability to really not want to believe in alternatives. But still, what was it?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What-it-was was really strange material. You can go with that wherever you wish, but you need to at least start there and dump all the preposterous stuff. Major Marcel said that the materials had some properties that he had never seen anything like before. His descriptions don't need a lot of elaboration. Cigarette-paper-thin but not dented by hammer blows. Plus, wouldn't burn, and [the piece-de-resistance] when a different metal type was crumpled, it would fold back out to its original form. We can decide that Marcel is a big liar, but if you don't go there then you have significant problems explaining what this debris could possibly be. Marcel isn't alone on the "accuse" list, either. About 20 other people have stated that one kind of the metal had the crumple-up/ fold-out property. And one of those was another of the base's important intelligence officers, M/Sgt Louis Rickett. Rickett was "counter-intelligence" and was assigned to Marcel's office, but under the command of Captain Sheridan Cavitt. Rickett, prior to his death, was quite willing to talk extensively about his role in matters like clearing up the debris field. He, like Marcel, had no doubts that they were dealing with something outside of our current experience. What of the other two main Intel/security officers?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Provost Marshall Major Edwin Easley took this whole affair extremely seriously. Though placed at the scenes [such as the debris field clean-up] by Easley and others, he steadfastly refused to discuss the incident, saying that he was under oath even after all these years and would not discuss any detail even if given the OK by the Pentagon. Quite odd, I'd say, no matter how "loyal" one might be. Kevin continued to be a mighty pest and Easley ended up admitting that he WAS involved with a clean-up of whatever-it-was and he said one more "odd" thing. Asked if the direction that Kevin and Don should pursue would be to the "extraterrestrial", Easley said: "well, it wouldn't be the wrong direction". Chief of Counterintelligence, Sheridan Cavitt, was even more of a stonewall over the years. Marcel said that he and Cavitt together went out to the Foster ranch to pick up the debris. For most of this time Cavitt denied even being on base during these goings-on. Weirdly, when the Air Force made their recent GAO-stimulated investigation, he admitted that he had not only been on base but went to the ranch and collected debris. Rickett, meanwhile, remembers Cavitt taking him out to a second [more interesting] crash area and ending by telling him "We didn't see this." There has clearly been a LOT of lying going on about this incident, and when it comes to the military side, the lying has been in the direction of trying to convince us that nothing important happened. Well, pardon me if I can no longer believe anything you guys say.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a million more stories, always complex in that one can choose to pick at them or just deny, and way too many to continue on here. I'll leave off with just one. My old buddy John Timmerman was standing alongside the CUFOS UFO display on day when an elderly couple approached and said that they had briefly known that rancher that discovered the crashed disk in New Mexico. John was more than mildly interested. They said that they had rented rooms from him when he was living in Tularosa, and that Mac was a great guy and quite willing at that time to talk about the event, even taking the husband out to the ranchsite and showing him around. According to the husband, Brazel said this; "He explained one thing about it that I can remember quite distinct. He had a piece of metal of some sort which he'd never seen before in his life. He got hold of it and wadded it up. When he wadded it up, it would wad up all right, but when he released it, it came back to its original form, just like a piece of spring steel." Despite our metallurgical advances with alloys like Nitinol, we can't pull that trick off today. Did something anomalous happen at Roswell? You bet! Did WE do it? Not in any technological universe that I'm familiar with. Oh, and about the "bait-and-switch": what a brilliant psychological ploy to put out the real story, and then take it away with a colossal lie and a big HA HA HA, that everyone now admits WAS a lie. Ya gotta take your hats off to those Pentagon Intel guys, much as you'd like to take their heads off instead.


  1. Yep, agree that something quite unusual happened at Roswell. What I find amusing is that most folks will say it is an either/or situation. That is, something happened or nothing happened. In my opinion there is much data out there in a shades of gray (pun intended) sense. The bottom line is that true information, disinformation, and unknown information is mixed in a truly dizzying sequence. I call it picking out the pepper from the fly poop.

    Terry W. Colvin

  2. Can't respond to this. "Something happened or nothing happened" DOES seem like a legitimate/logical either/or to me.

  3. Personally i would like the roswell case to be compared by other ufo crash in incident from all around the world and not just USA. i mean if UFO is truly nuts n bolt and can crash, surely they must be more of them falling somewhere else. Its now impossible for new people to understand roswell case as its like entering hall of mirrors. You involve from the beginning and you personally knew the field researcher there , so your view are still close to the groundzero, not influenced by the roswell fantasy and myth of current UFOlogy.

    In my opinion, people who prefer the ETH and nuts and bolt UFO explanation are looking too much into this single incident in Roswell and thus fell into the trap of believing what they wanted to hear from the witnesses.

    Now if there are more real crashed UFO recovered , other than Roswell, would that be nice to compare notes ? but sadly there are none..



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