Friday, April 17, 2020


Here are the cartoon approximations of what the "Child-sized" Little People look (sort of) like: 

There isn't much more which can be said at this point. The mob above includes the gray area of 1 1/2 foot tall beings (those last four.) Looking at the whole set: The number of times that beings occur together in troops, dances/revels, or at least threes is (surprisingly to me) greater than the number of "solitary" meetings.  The ratio of communal fairies to solitaries in these meetings is about two out of every three. For smaller incidents (very low numbers here) it was about the same, and for larger, the opposite (a few more solitary entities.) I don't pay much attention to those numbers for very smalls and larges as there just aren't enough. 

Deliberateness? There are a small excess of cases where the fairies seem to deliberately intend to interact with the humans. These sorts of things are tough to be sure of, but I believe that 60/40 would be reasonable, with the 40% therefore being entirely "accidental" path crossings which never develop into anything but passive observation. However, within the remaining 60% there are cases where there seems to be fairy-initiated interaction and others with only fairy reaction. In these interacting cases, the intent (along the negative/mischief vs positive/friendly scale) is a hard task. Only two incidents are clearly negative fairy mischief with possible human harm. There are a couple of things which seem like human-initiated anger. The Away-with-the-Fairies "come with us" tales are, in my opinion, impossible to characterize as good or evil. There are a handful of them, none with any particularly negative consequence for the human. None of the small number of very smalls seem deliberately interacting with the witnesses. Only the Fairy Boy of Leith interacted with humans among the normal-sized to large cases. (and he might not have been fairy at all.) The Jerry Clark case of the faun/Pan-like sheep chaser could be viewed as the rare incident of some anomalous normal-sized being interacting with humans and in a possibly negative way (chasing the sheep.) 

I've squeezed this beyond good scientific sense, so let it lie there, and back to individual cases next posting. 

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