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Encounters in LEPRECAT 3:

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A: The Noatak Alaska case is actually a set of three experiences had by a husband and wife between the years 1938 and 1947. In all three incidents the Little People are described the same way: bundled up like small eskimos in caribou skins and hairy faces with head hair worn in bangs. These beings are widely known in the region as the "Inukins." The encounters were 1.) a violent wrestling match over water drawn from the river, 2.) an attempt at theft of drying salmon on an outside rack; and 3.) a forest stalking trickster act on a group of hunters by a group of the Inukin making noises and using birdcall communications. The weakness in this case is that all I have is a newsclipping. IF the reporter is trustworthy, then the reports are much better, as he claims to have personally interviewed witnesses and gives quotes.

B: The Eslov, Sweden case is extremely interesting to me in that it is a Little People case where the investigator was one of the best UFO investigators we have (Anders Liljegren of Sweden.) The witness is a 24 year old (at the time) man returning to his farm late at night (c.10pm). He was approaching his farmland he became aware of a troop of small men (c. a little over a foot tall each). They were trooping in military order and about 10-12 of them. Their clothes were  one-piece dark green with caps to match. They had large bearded heads. They came by him only a few meters away so he had a good long look. Their facial expressions were "hard and cruel." He could easily hear the sound of their footsteps on the frozen ground and smell a strange odor. They continued out into a field. The witness saw a blue-violet light in a foggy patch, heard a whining sound,  and "the whole sight was gone." 

 Because this is Liljegren, and is such a classic trooping gnome incident (AND from rural Sweden!) I rate this incident highly. 

C. Juminda, Estonia: this case comes from another excellent UFO investigator Sven Schalin of Sweden. It is extracted from a letter sent by Schalin to superman UFO researcher Ted Bloecher when he was at CSI-NY. Ted put this extract in his HUMCAT (humanoid catalog) but I was not able to find the original letter at CUFOS. Because of that, I don't have the sketch of the creature that was in that letter, and have just inserted a Frog/Lizard man drawing above (which doesn't have any precision to the case but is roughly in the ball park.) 

The action goes this way: Two men encountered a strange creature along some path. They chased it and the chase lasted a hundred feet or more. The thing's height was 3 and 1/2 feet tall about two feet of which were legs. The head sat without noticeable neck directly on the body which was brown-green with lighter colored hands. The mouth was an enormous slit covering almost the entire face. As the being walked, it did so in an odd mincing prance as if being careful. Then with an amazing flurrying of its feet, it took off at great speed, disappearing somewhere ahead along the path. 

Well, what can you do with that one?  Good researcher, direct interview with living witness, but a total outlier (to my knowledge) on form. A one-off Boggart? 

D.  Ballynanty, Ireland: I'm apparently swamped in the individual pixillated bits. This case feels like I've already presented it, but all a quick read-back showed me is that this blog seems to drop things (pictures mainly) out of already published things. Leaving that to the "Leprechauns-at-work" theory, I'll just go forward with this anyway. I got this case off an internet site which I find has apparently misrepresented it. It placed the action in the 20th century, but now I find (via Janet Bord) that it's really pre-1900. Well, let's forget the date problem and go ahead and describe the case.

Here a writer about Ghosts states that he has a relative to whom this happened: two men were in a horse-drawn cart when the horse shied. It stood there shivering while the road seemed teeming with small fairy people. They attacked the cart, pulling at the driver as if to force him off the carriage. He put up a mighty fight and so the fairy hoard did not succeed. Meanwhile the servant man just shrunk away cowering. The attacked man grabbed the reins and forced the horse to move forward. After successfully doing so for some distance, the fairy folk relented and let them alone to continue away. The most striking thing he remembered about the incident was that the touch of the fairies grabbing at him was numbing cold. He immediately began praying, to which he attributed his ability to escape. 

A Wow of a claim. It needs a better provenance by a long shot however.

E. Doxey Pool, Devonshire: Rock and Roll Time.

Two pictures of Doxey Pool (Romantic and Natural versions.) Not a particularly large body of water, but one with a legend. 

Doxey Pool is one of many watery places in the UK which allegedly houses a Water Spirit/Sprite nicknamed "Jenny Greenteeth." Jenny is not your nicest of folklore characters, sporting a reputation for grabbing the unwary and hauling them under to a watery end. "So children, if you go near the pool, don't get too near or Jenny Greenteeth will grab you!!" Wonderful use of folklore as fairy tale to warn children against doing stupid things. ... and quite unbelievable as such. BUT ... 

In 1949, a woman (named in the references) was out at the pool deciding to go for a swim. As she stood on the banks, the materials of the edges of the Pool seemed to be coming together in formation of something huge. Weeds and Mud and pond debris formed itself into a giant (19 foot tall) pond entity which rose Brown and Dark Green from the surface towering. It pointed a finger at the woman, then slowly dissolved into disarray back into the pool. 

Well, what do we do with THAT? The authorities to whom this was reported seemed to think that the witness was reporting what she believed, but naturally they could NOT believe it. Having no explanation, the story has been written off as "imagination." Talk about a claim needing a good investigator!!

    ------F------       ------G1.G2------        ------H------      ------I------
F. Kerry, Ireland: This is a case from the "recent" Fairy Census conducted by Simon Young. For me it is one of the better incidents in the Census. The case is very earnestly told by the son of the person who was the primary witness. The father was a young man of 15 when he was deeply engrossed in reading a book. Looking up, towards the local abbey, he saw three little men, appearing like classic leprechauns. Two of them were having a "boisterous" but friendly wrestling match over the possession of a bag. The third was older, and stood watching the laughing twosome. this person turned ultimately and glanced at the witness. As their eyes locked, everything just disappeared. The Little People were dressed in green and brown monkish habits tied around the waist. They were about four foot tall. Fifteen years later, the witness returned to the site with his mother and saw the older "leprechaun" again. This time the glimpsing was quite brief. 

The case would be pretty good if it had more than a long distance e-letter to substantiate it. The "action" involved is right on point as far as expectations are concerned, and the words of the writer are modest and sincere.  So, I like the case, but need faith about the provenance.
 G1/G2. County Limerick, Ireland. This is an encounter that I stumbled upon two different times and forgot the first time I did. (More proof that this job is too big.) I drew a cartoon the first time, and apparently in too much of a hurry. When I came across the case again, it dawned on me that the actual words did NOT say that the Little People had caps on their heads (almost all the ones I'd just logged had headgear.) Also the gnomish characters were described as having "hard, hairy faces." So I tried again. I'm talking about this here to warn everyone about how my enthusiasm didn't always help with the patience needed to get the details right.

The case is of a young man who met a fairy along a rural road, and no one believed him. He went back to the spot and saw the fairy again. Still no one believed. The next day he went out again, and saw two more. Emboldened by then, he walked up to the little men and offered his hand to one, which was taken. He began to walk off, but the Little People saw his friends spying from the bushes and immediately disappeared. 

This could have been a socko case, because hidden in it is the rare multiple witness factor --- but no one interviewed anyone but the primary claimant. When added to that is the fact that this is only a news story without nearly enough grounding in the event.
H and I. Both of these cases are from MacManus and are therefore Golden. Unfortunately, though golden they probably don't involve the Fairy Folk. One case is from Edenderry, Ireland in 1901, and the other from Killeaden, Ireland in 1939. Both cases have within them strange forbidding figures in black robes.  In the Edenderry incident, four young people walking along low Irish hills and fields saw a group of black robed figures standing in a facing circle absolutely immobile in a field. Within that circle there was some sort of black box. As the young people stood silently staring, the owner of the field and a farm hand walked into the field nearly on a collision course with the circle. The witnesses began to back away, but the farmer and worker passed right by the black robed circle as if they couldn't see them directly in their line of sight. 
The young people retreated but when looking back, the farmer and hand still showed no sign of awareness but the circle had translocated to a different spot without changing form. The youngsters ran further, and then saw the same immobile circle in a field further on. At no time was there any movement of these figures. 

In the Killeaden case, a personal friend of MacManus and a second adult had finished work and began a four mile walk to their homes in the late evening. As they approached a crossing point between an old pathway and the road they were walking, they saw three tall figures clad all in long black robes. these three figures stood in a close triangle almost touching one another. They were completely immobile, arms rigidly at their sides and heads similarly bowed. The two witnesses were afraid due to the uncanny sight, but moved past them as far away as possible. They then split up going to their separate homes. As the friend hurried safely home, the prime witness neared his own house. To his terror, there, just at the gate to his home path, stood the three black cloaked figures in their triangle. Knowing that they could not possibly have beaten him there by normal means just made this worse. Reaching for all the courage he possessed, he ran wildly by them to his door. They again never moved.

These two things very likely happened, but WHAT happened? there is no feeling here of a Little People experience. I think that the reports are real but more "ghost" than "fairy." The Olde Culture believed that ghosts and fairies were two entirely separate things. What form of the Ghost World these things belong to, and what-the-heck they might portend are facts beyond my ken, but I place these cases into a different category. 
So, today I'll build my house using "B" as a foundationstone, and keep a few of the others as possible decoration later. As to the blog: the next will complete Leprecat three. I'm trying to speed up case numbers-wise. Why? I think that I must put this information out there for "duty" reasons, but at the same time, I know that there are probably only twenty people in the internet world who actually want to read this stuff.

So as not to bore too many people to death, I'll try to get this done as quickly as I can --- maybe in a month or so. 

Till next one. 


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