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Sweeping up the Remnants of the Early Days

A Few More of the Earlier Cases:

Inverary, Scotland 1914
I certainly would like to know more about this one. 

From Michael Mott (HIDDEN NEIGHBORS): (my own awareness of this incident comes from Albert Rosales' catalog of Humanoid Encounters, which used to be on the Web, and was an extension of the UFO researcher Ted Bloecher's HUMCAT [humanoid catalog] Project --- which in many ways inspired my Leprecat.) 

The brief tale: A young boy was riding his tricycle and had an accident. This was pretty violent and as an adult, the witness thinks that the major damage may have been a broken arm. For the first minutes after falling, he sat alone crying. Then a small man appeared apparently out of nowhere. This being went to the child and healed his injury instantaneously. The boy's parents came looking for him, and at their approach, the Little Person raced away unseen. The being is not described except that the child told him that he looked like a "leprechaun" but was corrected by the entity saying that he was in fact a "gnome." 
Bournemouth,UK. Turn of the Century
This encounter story came to A Conan Doyle (that part is OK) by way of a "sensitive" (that part may not be.) 
This fellow was relaxing in the garden of an even more famous "sensitive" when the two of them had an interaction with the fairy folk. 

 Off to one side of the lawn, near a grove of pine trees, they saw movement in the bushes. Several small figures dressed in brown completely, were staring at them through the branches.  the two "companies" stared silently at one another for a while and the brown dwarves disappeared.
Just seconds later, "a dozen or more small people about two feet in height, in bright clothes and with radiant faces, ran onto the lawn dancing hither and thither."

At this display, the two witnesses began whispering to one another to determine whether they were both seeing the same things (which they seemed to be.) 
The entities danced and reveled closer and closer, till "one little fellow, bolder than the others, came to a croquet hoop close to the hut [where the witnesses were sitting] and, using the hoop as a horizontal bar, turned round and round it, much to our amusement. "

The others watched or danced seemingly in "pure joy." 

This continued for four or five minutes.  All this while, the figures that were dressed in brown were standing watch at the edge of the lawn.  The witnesses thought that these brown beings must have given some signal to the joyful fairies, as they suddenly turned away and rushed into the woods. Almost immediately a house servant appeared carrying afternoon tea.

As the first witness said: "Never was tea so unwelcome."

Doyle stated that he knew this first witness very well, and found him to be "responsible, well-balanced, and honourable." 

Well, if Doyle is correct, then we have a cracker of a case here again --- AND a division of labor or duty among the faery world denizens.  

Bournemouth again? no Bourneville. 1901. (I blew the cartoon label :={ )
This is one of those case files which try to cross over between Leprecat status and Humcat status (i.e. Little People vs UFO humanoids.) It is not clear from the Flying Saucer Review article by Jenny Randles and Philip Barnet where this originates, but I'm going to guess an old newspaper story. 

The better-than-usual thing about this encounter story is that it has UFO investigators on the case, and the witness was still living. ... so, we have WAY more detail. 

A young man of ten was returning home and quite close but still in secluded areas. He came across an unknown structure. He thought of it as a small house. (5 to 6 foot wide, 3 to 4 foot deep, and 4 foot high.) Two entities emerged from it, about 4 foot tall themselves. (they might have been a bit shorter, as the witness struggled a bit with this estimate.) 

One of the two beings walked towards the witness arms outstretched. It moved its hands in the way humans do when saying "get back." They were very human looking --- normal facial features and clean-shaven faces. They had close-fitting gray-green apparel, and dark helmets with little "wires" or antennae protruding. 

The witness stepped back a few strides, and the closer entity turned and quickly joined its colleague within the "house" and the door shut. The house flashed brilliantly like an electric arc with a circle around it. With a loud WHOOSH, it left the ground and disappeared over the rooftops of nearby buildings. The witness of course never considered this to have anything to do with UFOs back in 1910. 

Did it? Ufology or Folkloric Research? The encounter doesn't REALLY seem comfortable in either. Had the "house" just flashed and disappeared then it would be quite like a folklore case except that it just a bit too technological even with that. As to UFOs: the "behaviors" fit pretty well, but I don't like the "craft shape" nor the beanies with antennae. I'd be a little more swayed if our guy had gotten some "sunburn" from the close flashy UFO but he said no. As to the weird hats: that's more Faery style behavior. 

If I had to guess (not counting hypotheses like"young man's vivid dreaming" plus long term memory shifts) I'd refuse to drop this in one basket or another. It doesn't REALLY fit either. 

 Just a list to mess about in .... without my gabbling

 A weird menagerie --- often connectable, sometimes not. 

Till next time............. 

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