Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everyday Psi

  • There are, in my opinion, no studies of clairvoyance or telepathy as strong as the Princeton studies of micropsychokinesis. There are many very good ones [see the work of Dean Radin for some of the best, and most creative] but Robert Jahn's powerhouse data runs are the most overwhelming. Fortunately, on these other parapsychological "poorly-controlled talents", we really don't need tests as impressive as Princeton's. 

  • That's because, we experience clairvoyance or telepathy all the time ourselves. I had two pure-blooded Irish grandfathers. Despite their Irishness, neither of them had a glimmer of the "second sight". I also had a pure-blooded British grandmother; she didn't either. But the lady on the left did. She was my German, Wisconsin farm-girl grandmother, and she could definitely "see around corners". 

  • Grandmother was no "pagan" practioner of arcane arts. She got up at five in the morning to say her good Catholic prayers for an hour and bake the days bread. But she seemed to have "the gift". Her kids and their friends were always demanding that she come over to where they were doing their teen-age things and "read their cups" (tea-leaves) and be amazed. I only know one of her stories in any detail but it is a lulu. Early in my mother's marriage [about 5 years in], Mom and Dad were in isolated rural West Virginia [due to Dad's job making TNT for the war] 500 miles away from Grandmother's home. Mother had become pregnant with her second child [my sister] and they decided not to tell grandmother about it for fear that she would try to make the 5oo mile trip to help Mom with the pregnancy--a trip of the likes she had never made before. One day the phone rang. It was Grandma. She said one or two things in greeting to Mom, and then said: "you're pregnant aren't you?" Mother told her a white lie and said "no." Grandmother, ignoring the fib entirely, said that she'd pack right up and be on her way. [ somehow, once they'd come clean with her, they managed to talk the family seer out of actually coming and that Mom had plenty of friends to see her through the pregnancy--which was true, and my sister is the miraculous proof of that]. Our point here is that Grandmother was unusual in that she sometimes "clairvoyed" [saw more clearly] than the rest of us, but she DID do it, and we occasionally manage to get a glimpse as well.------------------------------------------------------------------

  • I am one member of that next generation who only occasionally gets a glimpse, but I have a brother who does so all the time. He has the uncanny ability to be driving down the road to work early in the morning and somehow become aware of a wreck somewhere up ahead. This isn't a vague thing. He sees it in detail. A few minutes later he will pass the spot and there it is just as he had clairvoyed it in, well, lets call it what it is, his psychic "vision". My brother doesn't fit what might be your image of an occasional clairvoyant. He's a very large former major college football lineman, who drives a truck and works on dangerous chemical spill management at a chemical industry. What he IS, however, is a person with an open mind. 

  • My own experiences with this everyday psi are less notable. However, I have a friend with whom there have been an unending number of such microincidents. He used to drive down to the Center for UFO studies on weekends when I was "working the files" , spend a little time talking with the guys, and then he and I would take the 2 1/2 hour ride back home. I can't count the number of times during those long conversations that the topic abruptly shifted [I mean ABRUPTLY] to something that was already coming into my head in words exactly as he was about to say. The first twenty times something like this happens, well, your "scientific skeptic" brushes it off--it very much makes a difference to me to be dealing with things I believe have good reason to be real, rather than just "romantic" thinking. But the next fifty wear your skepticism down. At that point denial that something odd is happening can only be sustained by really not wanting it to be happening. 

  • My friend is stoutly resistant to buying in to this sort of thing. He really fears being "foolish and fooled" about anything. He believes in what he calls "the First Personality" [von Neumann's Prime Observer], but he only believes in other things like post-death survival on alternate wednesdays. We had one striking thing happen though. We were at my home speaking of our mutual hobby [UFOs] and the conversation had swung to the paranormal. He reiterated his skepticism on almost everything and I , as a joke, reached behind me and pulled a deck off the shelf and said , sure you're a master clairvoyant; just call this card. I peaked at one and he said: "Star". I smiled and said : "you're right ", and turned the star card over from the Zener card deck for doing Psi statistical studies. He had a 1 in 5 chance of "hitting" anyway, so it was just an amusing outcome. I noticed that he was still standing there non-plussed, however. I asked him what was going on. He said: "I thought that you had a regular deck of cards." [within which there are of course NO "stars"]. I asked why then did he say "star"? He said that it just flashed into his mind. I have to keep reminding him of the event on alternate wednesdays, as it seems that we humans are exceptionally resistant to letting certain things through the door of our lives.

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