Monday, February 15, 2010

Everyday Spirituality: AND.

The morning's cold. No snow, but just the little breeze that makes you wonder why you're out here. But it's time for morning prayers and a walk. Nature is up and at it. Maybe Emerson could see beneath to the deeps...but the surface is enough. Crows are grouping and hollering. Yellow Finches and Towhees are flying in their separate groups. The chickadee "flock" is all over the Paper Birch tree, finding something in the dry hanging seeds that interests them. They're interested in each other too. Almost as if they don't know that mating time is a weather season away.
Something is going on here. What would Emerson see? There's a tree with four different squirrel nests. As combative as they sometimes seem, they are not doing that now. They meet...and they tolerate. It is hard times. It's time to be with and not against. Emerson might feel that there is a "being with" and a "being in" now. There probably always is...I'm just not wise enough to see it. There's always more to things than the things themselves. A person said: We once thought that if we could understand one thing, we could understand two--because one-plus-one is two. We found that we were wrong. We had to understand "And". Analysis is a good thing. Emerson knew that it was only a baby step upon the path. Being with...being so much more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ahead of me, as he seems always to be, geographically and "philosophically", the old man walks his old dog. She stops, and he is patient. He pauses, and she turns to look. Something fine there. Something greater than either one. We all need "others". We all need them to be the least "otherly" that they can be. And that's "natural" the birds are saying...and the old man...and the old dog.
Yep. Companionship. Down at Emerson's depths, we're all in this together...and it feels pretty good when we act like it.

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  1. How true. It would be a lonely place without companionship.



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