Friday, February 26, 2010

Everyday Spirituality; Flight

Cold morning today. A breeze that goes through the clothes. The gray clouds are hurrying from the Northwest. No walk today. --------------------------------------Birds are all over the sky. A flock of fifty or more small birds is flying straight into the wind. Crows are intermixed. Back towards my house comes a handful of chickadees. The boy cardinal shows up--just on the nearest branch of the birch tree. He stares at me awhile and off he goes--his girlfriend catching up with him as they go with the wind. They are flying where they want to go.... Am I? I think so. The animal part of me doesn't think so. The soulful part of me is sure. Across the street, a neighbor tries to get her dog to go outside to do its duty. It doesn't want to go. Ha! What a message. -- so long, fine old place...fine old house... There will be birds flying in West Virginia... and you will still be here when I return.

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