Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Breaking Down the Un-filed Pile Looking for Strange Stuff

Still trying to find organization in Chaos in the Quixotic search for clarity.... none of that will break open today, but it might be a bit of fun anyway.

Of the still un-filed categories of UFOlogical phenomena, I sort-of arbitrarily grabbed the handful marked "High Strangeness." Arbitrarily grabbed and equally arbitrarily piled together. Whereas the other case categories have a type of sense and discipline about them which could almost be called the rudimentary first stage of science, the High Strangeness file drawer is an intellectual mess. There is only one aspect of it which has a little method to it {I put all cases of "solid light" in here --- and there are a few dozen}, but the remainder of the drawer makes it in there just because they "feel" particularly weird to me. This is just the kind of subjective thing we don't want to be doing, but it's my knee-jerk we're talking about here, so it's my file drawer and go make your own. We're all Out in our own Proctor's as we must admit.

But to the cases.....

Becker, MN 2011. {cleaned-up version of the witness' own drawing above}.

It's nice to have a near contemporary case is it not? {One should always remember, however, that ALL UFO reports are of things-past and so the prejudice against "old" cases is largely reduced to a prejudice against ALL cases. It is in that simple fact of UFO Studies that one finds the root of the difficulty making UFOlogy "scientific" in the strictest sense of the lab-based, retesting "method", and the debunker's ability to take cavalier shots at anything and everything. Doctor Condon was, of course as an ingrained physical scientist, unable to overcome this very thing --- among his other difficulties.} But I digress....

The Becker case proceeded thus: An older male witness saw an object hovering over the back of his neighbor's yard. It initially presented itself as two dark brown domes sandwiching an extremely bright central area. From each end of the object, beams [two] extended downwards. They were bright white and sawed off, stopping before reaching the ground. [thus "solid light" and why this is in the High Strangeness pile.]

Coming down along each beam came BOLs, also white. At a certain elevation, the BOLs left the beams and took off horizontally in opposite directions. As they left, one solid light beam switched off and the other remained. Approximately one minute later, the BOLs returned to the remaining beam, merged with one another, and ascended back into the craft. The remaining beam then just switched off.

A "flame" then projected from the bottom of the object and. although this is not said, the object moved away. No sound occurred during this performance, and no effects on the neighbor's grass were seen the next day.

Plenty enough strangeness for me. The not-so-hidden aspect of this is that this is almost undeniably a display for the witness' benefit. Note that the orientation of the object and the positioning of where on the object the solid light beams and the BOLs come from is symmetrically directly to the witness' line-of sight. Once again the agency behind the phenomenon wants to show some Earthling that it is real, what it can do, and that it knows that "we" are watching. Why? That's not included.

Coastal area near Havana, Cuba 1966 {?}.

This thing is particularly odd in that it is apparently an NSA document [TERRIBLE condition] released for Lord 'lone knows what reason. I'm pretty sure that it IS a legitimate document because a friend of mine knows a person from the NSA at that time who verified it [without me bringing up this document at all --- the NSA guy was just talking about cases that he'd seen, and the details of this one came up in the conversation. That conversation is also why I've put the 1966 label on this despite the date not being readable, by me anyway, anywhere on the document.]

The case: The map above shows the approximate location of the informant who was looking directly north out to sea. What he saw: There was a bright white light at 15degrees elevation over the sea. This light's brightness pulsated at one second intervals. Then it's behavior changed to two minutes worth of sending out concentric rings of light "flowing from the central source in a rippling shimmering fashion." Then, beginning with the fourth minute, the source generated a blue-green beam from its central core. This beam extended to the left at an angle of 45degrees towards the sea surface. This beam reached the same apparent radius from the central object as had the rippling rings before stopping. The beam gave the appearance of a searchlight. The radiating circles then switched off leaving only the core object and the beam. THEN THE BEAM RETRACTED TO THE CORE. As it "arrived", the core object and the beam merged into a "nebulous cloud-shaped mass" and drifted away.

Yep, that's normal. ... that description gives one LOTS of meditation possibilities on the stealth technology of the UFOs along with the display behaviors.

Fort McCoy, WI 1980. {I owe my information on this event to Mark O'Connell's fine High Strangeness site.}

40 or 50 military personnel were ringing a Cuban refugee detainee camp. Guys traded off standing guard and getting some sleep all night long. The reporter of this experience was just getting off his "shift" and about to get to bed when a UFO interrupted that. Something shaped a bit like a rectangle was moving slow and low across the sky just behind a line of trees. For about two minutes this thing crossed from one treeline to another while people shouted, some taking pictures [none of these pictures have surfaced apparently.] During that flight, an opening was seeable in the side of the rectangle. This opening had the feel of being a window but not one of glass --- more as if it was protected by some forcefield {this seems to be a hunch, rather than concrete data-driven.} In that space, he was able to see the outlines of two entities. He strongly believed that they were looking at him [or in his general direction at least] as their silhouettes seemed to turn towards him as they crossed the sky.

He was also struck by the rear of the device. From the rear there seemed to project a "flaming exhaust" but it wasn't really like that. It was "just a stationary light {of limited length} coming out of the tail" which displayed no trail, exhaust, smoke etc. I have appended the comment "of limited length" above because the narrative calls this a lightbeam essentially, but compares it to a "trail" which is always limited in jets et al.

Because of the lack of precision in the description of the "trail" beam, this might not be a solid light candidate or it might. It is interesting nevertheless and would get VERY interesting if other witnesses surface. The witness ended his interview with the statement that at the end a "wall" came down in front of him and he decided [irrationally] to go to sleep. ... ?, uhhh weird plus.

Let's head off in a different direction {even if we can't tell what direction that is.}

Rural Ohio, 1962. {This is also a Mark O'Connell case.}

Credibility here is through the roof, as the witness is a close relative of Mark O'C. [Father-in-law.]

The witness was driving at night when he ran out of gas. Nothing to do but get out and walk along an empty country road. The starlight seemed then just to "go out." No light. He instinctively continued walking, and began to feel as if the surface beneath his feet was moving. With no lighted cues, this felt to him like some vast surface almost like a solider form of water --- walking on a strange ocean? For some reason, he had the impression that he was standing on this huge platform best labeled a "UFO", and that he was being taken somewhere. That "somewhere" never arrived as far as his memory was concerned, but he did see, some distance from him, entities. He remembered them as humanoids, but hazy, possibly metallic, and of various colors. They communicated telepathically to him that things were going to be alright.

Shortly the abnormal atmosphere was completely gone, the starlight was back, and he was again walking along the road. Later a police car drove up and gave him a lift back home. Mark O'C says that this man is a no-fooling-around solid person, and that's good enough for me. {I know Mark and he's a fine intelligent fellow.}

Is this a UFO situation? Or is this some kind of Parallel Reality Shift? Are both such anomalous experience types related? Out Proctor you can't ever be sure what direction you're headed.

There were a handful of other cases in the HS pile which seem to "surround" experiences like the rural Ohio case above. The simplest of these was Croy, UK 1979.

You can read the clip above but I'll condense it here. A guy and his mom are driving along an empty road in Inverness [nice touch that] when they see what they think are headlights well ahead. The lights keep coming on and grow brighter and wider. They think that this might be a crashing airplane coming straight down the road, stop their car, get out, and head for the ditch for safety. The strange part is this: the witnesses heard no sound of any kind during the close approach part of this. This meant not only no environmental sounds, but the revving of the engine made no sound, nor did the slamming of the car doors, nor did their footfalls on the ground.

As you all recognize, this is a characteristic of an [extreme] "OZ" effect, wherein the environment loses some of its qualities or seems isolated from the totality of  reality. Was this a part of the rural Ohio case?

Mendoza, ARG 1978. {wild South American case, so caveat emptor.}

Two adult males [father and son] were driving the son's car when they were passed by a truck. Immediately the rate of time seemed to slow down. Continuing at what seemed to be abnormally slow speed, they turned onto an expressway, whereupon the truck and expressway just disappeared. They were now driving blind --- total darkness. Nothing from their headlights could be seen either.

A few minutes later, their car, now apparently moving very fast, approached and entered a city. This city was composed of very high buildings all bathed in red light. The light seemed to come from everywhere, the ambient surroundings, the buildings, the sky. The buildings were caricature buildings --- no doors nor features nor people --- nothing but soaring faceless height.

The men could feel nothing under the car, as if it sailed along untouching the pavement, controlled by who knew what. One man grew extremely cold, while the other felt no change. Beautiful but unfamiliar music emanated from the tape deck. fifteen minutes went by as they raced along. Finally as the father asked again "where are we?", the son said "It seems the Martians have taken us." Instantly the Red City disappeared and they found themselves bumping along in a smaller city street six kilometers away from where they "left" the expressway.

When they finally got back home, they were asked where did they go? The son replied: "We went to a place where nobody goes."

Indeed. The question is: did even you go to that "place?"

Little Houghton, UK 1973.

A man was driving along through the village at night. He saw a bright light heading, apparently, right at his car. Suddenly he was walking on a rural road near an entirely different village. It was now nearly daylight [several hours later] and he was soaking wet. Knowing the area, he got to a friend's house and they went out looking for his car. They found it near an entirely different village. It was in a muddy field, but there were no tracks in evidence to show how it could have gotten in there.

Hmmmm..... this all seems threatening to become related somehow .... but how? {I'm not teasing, folks, I haven't a clue..}

Now this is different, but some [in a way] funny business is going on here too.

The above pictures are of NORAD [top] and Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City [bottom]. In January of 1973, a wife and her mom were on the phone to one another [in Oklahoma City] when a conversation broke in. It was so unexpected, and odd, that both called their husbands over to listen in. The conversation appeared to be a communication between NORAD to Tinker AFB [and perhaps other bases] about an alert. The women had immediately hung their phones up, but when trying to call back five minutes later the NORAD conversation was still going on. The alert seemed to be saying that it was an alert caused by some aircraft disaster and that bases were scrambling fighters for a UFO search or confront situation.

Naturally everyone at all bases and agencies denied any of this. Whether there was a real NORAD alert then or not, what caused the phone call weirdness, and what was the UFO reference all about? Did the universe glitch or jottle here?

Cisne, IL 1971.

A woman and her son were coming back from shopping in a town to the east and were in the last miles to home. She passed the brick house with the windmill on her right side and continued on through familiar territory to the fertilizer plant and then the high school grounds to her left. {the straight stretch of road in the picture above is the part of the road where the following experience occurred.} This was a bright sunshine-filled afternoon.

She had just reached the high school grounds when she realized that she was driving too fast and let off the accelerator. As she did that, her son abruptly asked why she had done "that?" By "that" he did not mean let up on the gas. He, and then she, noticed that they were back along the road by a half-mile or so --- near the brick house on the right --- and driving back into town again. The mother felt nothing at all during the transistion. She and her car and her son had just been flawlessly thrust backwards in space to a previous location [I believe that no one thought to ask about whether Time played any role in this.]

Well, heck. Space jumps, sound losses, alternate reality, partially alternate reality, glitches and jottles. How the heck are we supposed to make sense of that? It would be nice to know if this stuff happens "on purpose" due to some technology, or whether they are accidental, and the Universe has a lot of hiccups.

I have a few other HS cases, but this old man has gotten tired out today. There's a dog disappearing in a UFO beam, a couple of cases where forcefield barriers surround UFOs on the ground, a black hole in the sky, a UFO folding up, and a mountain getting entirely lit up blue from no known source. 

I know that The Truth is Out There, but unfortunately it's Out Proctor and no one, even us old West Virginians, have a map. 

Peace, friends.


  1. Just ran into your wonderfully meditative space. I stumbled into it because of the beauty contest that had a cluj I was looking for. And then I started poking around and I can see you will be providing me with some engaging lazy hazy summer strangeness. This is deserving of a hammock. Thanks for your constance

  2. Hey Burnt. Good to see you have found this oasis. Please be careful who you tell about it though. While the Professor is adept and unflinching when it comes to dealing with knuckleheads, as you can see there are far better things for him to be spending his time and energy on.

    It's great to see you back and posting regularly, Professor. You have here one of only a handful of worthwhile sites on the web when it comes to the subject matter you cover, in my opinion. As you well know, it has gotten to be a real freak show out there.

    1. Thank you for that. As an old college teacher I felt that I had a moral responsibility to present something worthwhile everytime. This blog is no different and when I let the stranger stuff rip, I'll always tell everyone if I think that it's obviously bogus --- but in the anomalies business it's hard to tell most of the time.

  3. So when and where was the "black hole in the sky?"

    (I came here from Reddit's UAP subreddit; they linked to the Invisible College meeting of last month.)

    1. The Black Hole in the Sky report was from Davenport's NUFORC site. {don't remember who sent it to me.} The attribution was Marston Mills, MA 2003. The description of the "hole" was that it was like a flat black area of sky, as if the sky there was "painted over." The flat black area moved very slowly for a while, changing form from an "elongated" shape to a kidney to a distorted globe. Its disappearance was not described, but in a second sighting on a different day, the thing/area was said to pick up speed and rise away at height.

    2. That is strange, like it was supposed to be a shapeshifting UFO but could only show itself as a black patch of sky. I looked up the case and it happened three times in that area in one year.

      Did you ever see that daylight footage of the black helicopter becoming a shiny UFO that ran on "Sightings"? I can't seem to find it online, and nobody ever debunked it, as far as I know.

    3. I haven't heard of that one, so can't have any opinion. I have a prejudice against "black helicopter" stuff in UFOs, but that's my problem.

    4. I should have mentioned the background; it was a story on cattle mutilations and the cameraman was either a rancher or somebody from that community. If I remember the segment correctly, they also claimed that helicopters would buzz cattle ranches during the day, and that they were unmarked (but not black.) The footage itself was a profile view of a stationary, hovering black helicopter and it "morphed" into a windowless silver disc saucer which may or may not have shot away from camera view. I was a heavy reader of CSICOP's "Skeptical Enquirer" and I remember not seeing any debunkings of the footage, though they did run a long rant-review about how the early "X-Files" episodes tried pass the show off as "based on true events" while also blasting Fox for running anything pro-paranormal at all. I should say I was reading it for "balance" because I was also reading "Saucer Smear" and "Fortean Times" and the "Desert Rat", but it seemed that CSICOP's press position in the `90s was that "it's all easily explainable, so let's focus on the philosophy of science instead."

    5. As to mutes: a person at Bigelow's NIDS organization spoke to me about their take on them. They thought that the puzzling cases of the mute phenomenon were caused by governmental testing of animals looking for impacts of chemical and/or weaponry testing. I had long thought something similar, substituting "industries" for government. When I worked a summer job during grad school days, the company that I worked for sent out guys surreptitiously to take plant samples downwind from the plant and on-the-hush tested them in our lab for contamination. No results were ever publicized of course.

      As to reading the Skeptical Inquirer: I had a subscription for many years and even attended a couple of their conventions. As time went on it became painfully obvious that the normal presentation either in the magazine or on the stage was utterly intellectually dishonest. With a very few exceptions [Lawrence Kusche's analysis of the Bermuda Triangle was a rare good study], this stuff was trash founded upon the deepest prejudices that I've encountered anywhere this side of sanity or greed. So I dumped my subscription. Nowadays, my file boxes for SI are stored alongside my extra stash of toilet paper --- I kid not.

  4. "Once again the agency behind the phenomenon wants to show some Earthling that it is real, what it can do, and that it knows that "we" are watching. Why? That's not included."
    why would you assume that? Just because the witness saw itt does not imply it was performing for her benefit. It's probably a very strong belief of the witness, who feels singled out, special. It's all her perception of the event, her attitude toward experiences. People always accept coincidence as having meaning. And they always feel that circumstances must have purpose.

    1. The reason for that deduction is included in the post. Either you did not read it or you are deliberately ignoring it. Frequent followers of this blog realize that I have addressed the display issue [most strongly with the astro-alignment cases] many times here. There is a large pile of evidence for some encounters "lining up" with the witness as if displaying for a certain viewing angle. If you do not accept any of that, or are not aware of that material, we will agree to disagree on whether the phenomenon displays itself for witnesses many times, and that will allow us [mainly me] to continue to work on UFO materials rather than potentially protracted debate.

      To give you what you want: that one case alone doesn't prove that: you are correct.

  5. the first case (BoL) sounded like that classic Aveyron case, where multiple BoL terrorize a french farmer's family , ending to the close encounter and possible missingtime of the son. the aveyron story continues when the son got late night visit from the space beings and told to learn some meditation moves simolar like yoga.

    when a few month passed the aliens picked up the son and take him into their underground base (the aliens said it was in himalaya mountain range) and he son lived there for some time, the interesting thing is that they asked him to contribute his sperm daily..

    the aveyron case totally fascinate me.. it seems the whole display of BoL was the beings initial effort to make contact with the farmer's son..



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