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UFO News from the 1947 Mountain: a few 1960 Close Encounters.

As you've heard a few posts ago, Jan Aldrich {the "1947 Mountain"} sent me a thick pile of close encounters cases from his files and I've tried to penetrate that a little. Today: year 1960. 

1960 is known traditionally as a relatively dud year, and the number of cases in Jan's stack showed it. There were only nine listings, and one had no UFO present, and another had an error in the date written on it by the original collector. Nevertheless I've listed/illustrated all nine above.

For comments, I feel brevity calling me --- it's called laziness, I think.

"H" is the famous Red Bluff supercase, despite trying to fake me out by naming itself "Corning, CA". It is a UFO Anchor case and we don't need to relive it here. "B" is a military case, very brief and horribly written and nearly illegible, but with cut-off military communications and color changes. "C" is another crescent like the one we had last time. Even green. "E" is more of a physiological case or some other strange physical effect, as the car passengers felt stifling heat despite the distant UFO. "F" is one of my favorite types of cases as it seems to involve what Jim McDonald called "mass displacement". The truck overflown seemed to be lifted and flipped off the road onto its back. This is close to one of McDonald's and my favorite individual cases, the Herman, MN truck displacement of 1965. "G" is a nice sort-of ordinary case of a disk stopping a tractor. The variation here {there's always something} is that the disk is made of separate metal plates, one of which seems to be malfunctioning {smoke} and gets automatically replaced before the witness' eyes.

This leaves three more.

Case "D": Slagelse, Denmark. This is a bit of funny nonsense by the UFO phenomenon --- the sort which makes you think that you have no idea what the agenda of this motley crew of lunatics could be. The case begins with a "common" CE2em vehicle stop with an up-close discoid object. OK, fine. The UFOthing then settles, hovering just over the ground. Three "landing legs" come down and between them a tube of some size. A door slides open in the tube and out step four shinily green-clad "frogmen"--- not actual frog-like men [thankfully] but like Navy frogmen under the sea. In fact their walking motions are just like persons walking under water would look. {Wrap your head around THAT}. They come over to the stalled car followed by a long cable moving out of the ship on its own. The cable has something like a flat TV screen on its end. On screen there seems to be a round lens or "eye". This panel "stares" into the car while the four frogmen [each holding a tube-like "green lantern"] walk about placing their devices here and there on the car. The beings looked very humanlike with slightly flattened faces. They seemed to be talking to one another without any audible sound. Then, they all left back to the craft; it brightened fiercely and shot away. Getting out of the car, the witness smelt a strange odor and felt a lot of remnant heat in the landing trace holes which he checked.

Yep, I've got THAT one surrounded.

Case "A": Aston-Clinton, UK. This was a lot simpler but has a small life lesson for a UFO researcher. The piece of paper involved here was a rudimentary fragment.

To start out I couldn't even tell what clipping on this piece of paper I was supposed to be looking at. Finally I found it and marked what seemed to be a CE2em case. The clip said Aylesworth and was marked 1960. It was the kind of thing you thought: #@*& with this, and tossed it. But in a moment of insanity I decided to look it up, as I had no reference to Aylesworth, UK 1960 in my files. Well, neither did my two super-references for such matters, UFO-DNA nor my "private" gift of a fantastic and obsessive case location catalog bequeathed me by old-time CUFOS associate Hal Haglund. With all those zeros facing you, you have two choices --- quit [wise] or plough on [foolish]. Not wanting to break with my established character, I ploughed on. Through much pulling of library books, turning of papers, and staring at internets, it finally arose that "Aylesworth" was called "Ivinghoe" by Flying Saucer Review, and "Aston-Clinton" by everybody else. And 1960 was 1962. So, light dawned. ... and I could actually read the fuller case in the literature. Well, it's a nice metallic disk/oval which seems to alter the speed of a car, with some dark squares around the rim and generating an obscuring mist. So who cares about the little fragmented clipping? Maybe I shouldn't. But this clipping indicates that the witness reported this immediately to the local police. This solidifies the credibility of this single witness case --- something not included in the FSR article, and something which alongside the investigators' report gives the case its believability. 

Case "I": The not-a-UFO case of Marlington, WV. This is a Bigfoot case with two appearances by Bigfoot, both times accompanied by an engine stoppage. If that is not weird enough, when the Bigfoot seemed to stop the engine its long hair was standing out as if it were affected by static electrical charge as in the old VanderGraff generator "party games" {the pretty girl gets her hair out and crackling a bit, and then zaps anyone who gets close enough to touch --- the static-carpet-on-a-dry-day magnified }. When our Bigfoot "dropped his hair", the car could start again. 

Now that's just ridiculous --- strange plus --- WAY Out Proctor. 

I've always wanted to avoid the so-called UFO/Bigfoot connection, but we had a fellow in Indiana named Don Worley who was an energetic believer and passionate field worker. He collected a couple dozen cases mainly from the midwest during the 1960s and even gave a report on this in the 1976 CUFOS {Invisible College} science symposium. I doubt that many of those guys were convinced, but over in the Land of OZ Mark Moravec was. He ended up with over seventy cases for his catalog above. But it still grates on me --- UFOs and Bigfoot --- NOT part of the core UFO phenomenon as I've seen it. A deliberate sideshow? A "Whole 'Nother Thing?". Folklore Tricksterism? 

Stan Gordon needs no convincing. Pennsylvania seems rife with ABSMs cozying up to flying objects. And an odd thing happened at the Skinwalker Ranch.

I was sitting with Colm Kelleher at lunch one day [at a meeting where both CUFOS and NIDS, among other folks, were present] and Colm wanted to talk about some of the things that had just been experienced at the Ranch. Below are some of the brief notes that I made.

It seems, as you can read more formally in the book, a lightform turned into a tunnel vortex in the air, and a large dark heavily-built "animal" crawled out of it. Holey Portals, Batman!

But, gee whiz that complicates things. It brings me back to that "crazy" old Curtis Gibson guy from the last post --- ETs he said [with authority] just abandon their "pets" here.

No. I'm not buying it. ... and No, I'm not susceptible to hypnosis, so don't even try it.

Peace, friends --- your bedroom is NOT the Skinwalker Ranch, so relax.


  1. Perhaps the Slagelse Denmark seeing eye on a tube/cable seems to much like the segment in George Pal's "War of the Worlds" 1953 film where one explores a wrecked home searching for victims??

    1. I got the same creepy feeling that it was being described exactly like that, Bill. One would like to know, obviously, if that witness had seen the film.

      ... or to go a bit loonie, did the Aliens watch the film? Ha!!! THAT should start a whole new internet genre --- aliens steal movie scenes to include in close encounters!!!



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