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UFOs and Force: Plowing Ahead?

Back to the rock-strewn fields of UFO encounters today.

Sort-of randomly, I picked up the pile that I call "Close Encounters of the Second Kind Everything Else" [distinguishing these things from "landing traces", electromagnetic effects, and physiological effects, since I'm too lazy and uncreative to come up with something better.]

The Big File of these CE2miscellani cases [the filing cabinet drawer] has things in it like "crashes" and "crash-intos" as well as "material stuff left behind {angelhair, slag fall, powders, alleged artifacts, Roswell debris et al}" but the chaos pile to be added to the cabinet was nearly entirely about forces felt by cars, planes, and in one case, water. So, that's where I'm headed with this entry.

Lets start with something simple, and something we've seen on the blog not long ago, but in a briefer form: the Bellwood, PA 1983 "car-tipper" case. Here above is our close-encountered lady showing the damage to her car. What you can't tell so well is that she herself is damaged in one of her arms and with neck whiplash. There isn't much doubt that physical effects of some kind happened when the unknown object rushed over her car and nearly tipped {blew?} it over. The reason that I am revisiting the case, which now you know well, is that some stuff about it was in the to-be-filed pile, but more so because I thought that you'd like to read a near-primary document on the case.

Regular readers of the blog know that I like to share "original" and possibly unique resources on these anomalies when I have some available {I hope that this is something that you like, and I at least think that this sort of thing gets me feeling that I'm a lot closer to real happenings of the past.} The above is a page of a letter sent to SITU by a member about his interview with Mrs. Burk shortly after her encounter. As you can read, Mrs. Burk had several effects to report, perhaps all of which can be ascribed to a massy object creating a powerful wake as it whooshed by, tipping the car and banging her around.

This second page should be valued in that it would put a stop to modern suggestions that she had an abduction or something like that --- some moderns try to make all CEs into abductions [which drives me crazy.] The interviewer makes an interesting comment --- that this encounter may have been "a surprise for both parties" [that is, the guys flying the craft didn't realize that they were so close coming over that hill to a car, or the telephone lines, which they also seemed to pull up drastically to avoid --- space cowboys?]

Rockford, IL 1973: Whereas Mrs. Burk's experience is VERY easy to accept, "Star Cab Driver" Daryl Worker pushes the credibility line. Even at almost 2am, a cab being picked up by a beam from a UFO and carried three blocks down the street in the midst of a city without anyone else seeing this closely, well ... OK, it's possible I suppose [more on how one might decide that it really IS possible later in this entry]. Worker went and reported to his dispatcher so that helps. That another cabbie saw an odd light more distantly also helps. The state police were only informed after Worker reported, so he may well not have done that, but his boss did. So, eh.

Giving him the benefit of a lot of doubt [he says this UFO was up there 5 or 10 minutes], he mentions something rather boggling: "I didn't know where I was going {OK} or WHERE I WAS for those three blocks." I suppose that we should say that this means that he was completely engulfed with light that he could not see through to any this-world referents. This comment plus the fact that he reports no eye injury makes one wonder what sort of engulfing-light environment he was in.

Another claim that was in the pile was from Farningham, UK 1978. {Look at the bottom of the two cases above.} The actual case mention in the to-be-added file was slightly more "positive" than this. It included some comment about knowing the case investigator Margaret Fry, and having confidence in her. Note that the case remarks about a UFO stopping a car, paralyzing the driver, and then sucking up a roadside derelict while the witness watched. ... well, uh, wow!

Is there any reason to believe any of that? I tried finding other information on this thing but came up with near-zero. The few other mentions all seem to go back to Margaret Fry and then end. An interview with her years later had her saying that she bought the case and the witness [despite the allusion above to uncoopperativeness and secondhandness of the report. I don't know what to make of that]. But there is another thing: on this same stretch of road there were two other 1978 cases, the one involving the "Michelin Man" entity thumbnailed above. Well, that's interesting but not related in any obvious way to this case. BUT Margaret Fry thought it was in that later interview, as she said that the two other cases took place on the same day --- hmmmm.... May 12th//July 16th .... overly romantically accepting?, or just a bad memory?

Caveat Emptor.

Ely, NV 1974. What I had here was a clipping from an article by [I think] Berthold Schwarz mentioning this case, but I didn't think that the clip had much oomph. I pulled out the cabinet file on this and saw a letter from one of the witnesses early on. So, in the previous spirit of showing primary case documents, here is that letter.

Page one above recalls the early stage of the encounter, which sounds like stalking.

Page two begins to get into high strangeness. The truck is hit by a force, starts to have engine effects, the driver loses control of the machine, and the drive shaft keeps turning despite the truck being stopped. Two objects seem involved.

Page three indicates that the experience lasted twenty minutes wherein they had what we'd nowadays call an OZ period --- feeling of total isolation with no traffic. When traffis did resume, the OZ and the experience ended. The witness says, reasonably, that he does not know how much of the truck's troubles were caused by the UFO or simple mechanical breakdown. He DOES however feel strongly that he and his brother had just had a close UFO encounter.

This is page four and the drawings of what he and his brother thought that they saw.

Allen Hynek ultimately interviewed the brothers [the old tapes are somewhere at CUFOS] and liked the case.

Another force case in the file pile was Lake Balaton, Hungary 1992. It was in a Jenny Randles article in Fortean Times. I don't know what to make of it. I tried to find another reference/study but no good. There was some UFO activity in that area and another case from Lake Balaton later as the other reference that I found [above] shows, but not this case. The Randles case states that a woman was driving near this lake when a white light charged straight at her windshield. She blanked out. When she recovered she found her car removed from the road into a snow-covered field with no tire tracks between. ... thus the idea that mass-transference force had been applied.

It would be nice to know if there was anything to this claim.

The logo above is for the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Committee, a particularly long-term-running excellent UFO organization run by Keith Roberts. The logo is there because the following several cases are all Tasmanian, which TUFOIC investigated. As a preface to the comments below, what stimulated this part of the blog entry were a few short paragraphs out of a newsletter called Fair Witness, which I don't necessarily trust but which sometimes gives good hints on things to look at further. So I did --- in articles by the Aussies themselves looking for credible references to these claims.

Between Bridgewater and Campania, TAS 1974.

Two witnesses were driving to their home when they noticed a bright light descend into a quarry and back up again. It then began to pace them and creep them out. At closest approach the thing looked triangular and "cloudy gray" with a white light in the center base and a red light out front. This pacing/stalking went on for 20 kilometers. Nearing Campania, the object rose, and as it did so the witnesses felt as if they were being pulled upwards and the car began to be hard to steer and was pulling off the road to the right which was the direction of the object. Keeping the car on the road was a big battle for about 8 kilometers. When the object finally left the driver ached all over from the struggle to control the vehicle. The driver said that he thought that the whole thing was "queerly silent" {possibly our famous OZ again --- OZ in OZ, seems right.} The driver also said that when they were in areas of the highway with occasional houses, the object went high up, but when they were in the real empty country, the object approached closely.

This case is "vehicle interference" but not in the normal CE2em way that is usually thought of. This seems like attractive or gravitational force --- just like lifting force that we've seen lately on the blog.

Echo Lake, TAS 1974.

Two folks are out fishing just before dawn. To the north a yellow domed object rises above a hill. It was a globe and it "floated" down to the lake surface. IT DID NOT REFLECT ON THE SURFACE WHILE HOVERING THERE. {this stuff puts me WAY Out Proctor every time.} The water's surface was "flat" and the stars could be seen on it. The globe just sat there without apparently disturbing the water, BUT the witnesses saw that the lake edge had risen significantly, pushing three meters into the beach [relatively flat shoreline but still....] Despite this change, the water remained still as a mirror. Then the object ascended and accelerated away. When the Sun rose sufficiently, the fishermen could see that several bottom-dwelling logs had floated to the surface and now were deposited on the shore. Others floated in the shallows. None of these objects were there the previous evening. Slowly the lake's edge retreated to normal levels and whatever logs still remained at the surface then sunk.

???? What the Heck???? Did this object affect the local space somehow here and the force effects only gradually return to normal? ... as they said in The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: we'll get back to you when we determine what is normal anyway.

Tasmania was in quite the high-strangeness flap in 1974. Here are a couple of their other "normal days Down Under."

Poatina Highway, TAS 1975.

The witness was driving around 3am. The car's steering began to malfunction, swerving the vehicle sharply to the right and into the path of the roadside guideposts. The driver missed them but slowed down, proceeding more carefully. There was a bright orange light to his right. A few kilometers later, the steering malfunctioned again, and he decided to stop. An object was once again visible in the distance. He got out. The thing had a "helicopter shape" [without the blades] and was blue on top and orange on the bottom. It had a little yellow "tail". After two minutes of staring, the object "slid away" sideways and went over the hill. Back in the car, the steering was normal and the witness continued home.

Are these UFOnauts just meddlesome frustrated back-seat drivers?

Murchison Highway, TAS 1979.

The witness was traveling on the west coast highway, a road that she knew very well, and with a full tank of gas. Halfway along, the interior of the car lit up with a strong green light. She looked and saw a green lighted object some distance behind her and no other light sources. Her car now decelerated without her consent, and she pushed the accelerator to no effect. The engine just seemed to ignore her prodding. Attempting to change gears, and even braking had no effect. She noticed that this happened at 9:28pm on her watch. The green light stayed at a distance behind her. This relative position stayed true regardless of any dips or curves or turns that she made. This situation continued for 8-10 kilometers. Suddenly the light was just gone, and the car returned to normal function. Her watch now said 9:29pm despite much more time having elapsed --- it must have stopped during this entire experience, and checking her dashboard clock, it had stopped too. As she was finally getting home, she noticed that her fuel tank was now empty, but her normal trip should have left it half full.

Messing around with engine function, timepieces, gasoline --- nothing is sacred to these space cowboys. But seriously... what constellation of projected force technologies can account for the variety in these cases?

Stanley River Road, TAS 1983.

The witness was driving to his home along the western Tasmanian highway [somewhat south of the previous story] when his car was lit up by a bright circle of blue-white lights overhead. The witness decided to stop his car to look, but found that he could not influence the car's motion nor speed in any way. Brakes did not work, and even removing the keys from the ignition had no effect. The car just sped on, and he doesn't remember whether he was doing the steering or not. He remembers two cars passing him in the opposite direction, but doesn't know if they saw him with his low-flying bright blue-white circle overhead --- either they DID see him or he was in some sort of here-but-not-here condition. When the "driver" finally reached his turn-off, the object immediately sped away, being seen doing so by his wife. With the object gone, the car just stopped. He put the keys back in, and it started right up. He calculated his trip time. His watch indicated that the trip had taken 16 minutes. He should have taken 6 or 7 of those to get to the point where his car was illuminated and he lost control [8 kilometers]. But that meant that the final 25 winding hilly kilometers had been traversed in only 9 or 10 minutes, a physical impossibility in his vehicle. Did his watch stop during the experience and just start back up later? Even if so, why? How does one do that?

Keith Roberts had three other cases in which, he felt, some form of force was applied to automobiles to move them or slow them. He viewed this pile of encounters as encounters with UFO projected "invisible forces."

We've seen stuff like this before on this blog. Is this the heralded guessed-at anti-gravity technology of the UFOs? Do some of these cases hint that the devices manage this by altering the local space around the affected vehicles [or persons]? Does the rest of the world then go peacefully by unknowingly? Well, of course we don't know what we're talking about ... who could? But I still believe that it's important for us to keep pounding away at the mystery. We DO find things out, little brick by little brick. And they may build up into an understandable structure one day.

For me, shadows of that structure already exist. This is very advanced technology which can affect precise bits of our environment without messing up others. It is almost as if "they" can "beam" invisibly [or with a visible carrier] a suite of forces to whatever point-of-contact that they wish. Excitingly, this seems to include both attractive and repulsive forces, as well as electromagnetic. And, most excitingly for me, this technology seems to be able to "interface" somehow, to bring the local space partially into a different relationship to its surroundings, almost as if it were halfway portaling that bit of local reality into a parallel one. ... and, in doing so, changing the normal ground rules for those "captured" areas' functions.

But... I'm Out Proctor and in danger of going "All-The-Way-Fool" at this point, so forget that I said all that.

An appropriate Tasmanian cloud, methinks.

I can just hear the UFOnauts saying:

"USE THE FORCE, LUKE!!!" ... and the captain rolling his eyes and saying: "Zkornk! Relieve Quekar at the sporngebonker station. Tell him he's in 25 zortles time-out. And if he calls me 'Luke' again, he's in the brig."

Peace and good times, folks.


  1. Hi Professor! There are so many interesting items in this one, I don't know where to start. First, I really liked reading the investigator's handwritten letter on the Bellwood case. Is hearing damage reported very much in cases generally? Also, regarding the michellin man case, it reminded me of Paul R. Hill's book on ufos where he was talking about his work on flying/hovering platforms. He was saying how some strange sighting of ufonauts bouncing around could be explained by a type of platform shoe (not the disco kind). I liked the book and was wondering why I rarely see people referring to his work.
    --Mrs C

    1. Hello. I wish that I had interesting primary and unseen documents to show everytime, but often not.

      Hearing damage reports are rare. The UFOs don't seem to do that.

      As to Hill, people don't talk about it because they don't know about it [as it's an oldtimer] and Hill's too technical for the casual reader wanting a page-turner.



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