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UFO News from the 1947 Mountain: 1961-1962.

..... more of Jan Aldrich's pile of UFO Close Encounters case references.

This is still the famous "UFO Desert" of the early 60s. There were only two cases in this part of the pile from 1961, and one was the ultra-famous CE4 of Betty and Barney Hill [illustrated terrifically above, and called in the reference in the pile "Lincoln, NH."] I'll not say any more about the Hills' case except that it is in this pile because both of their watches were permanently damaged, and to admit that this is one of the very few "on-board experiences" cases which I credit with some confidence. There are a few others, but this is an area in UFOlogy which has been abominably poorly researched [mainly due to WAY too much closed-to-scrutiny methodology and poor information-sharing, and horrible follow-ups.] Any CE4 experiencers can "happily" have all the confidence that they want in their experiences and their interpretations of them as far as I am concerned, but everyone should at least try to understand why even sympathetic UFO researchers have serious problems with the research. This is mainly a finger pointed at investigators, not encounter-reporters.

Hmmmm... I hadn't conceived of this post beginning with anything remotely that controversial, but so be it. The rest of this thing will be rather ho-hum comparatively.

Two 1961 incidents and eight separate 1962 incidents plus a flap in Argentina that year.

The cartoon versions of what they looked like, sort of.... {two great artistic drawings including the excellent one of Brian James for the Lake Movil case.}

I'll say just a bit about some of these.

1961: Lakeville/ New Bedford MA. Very loud object surrounded by thick black clouds, flying erratically [bobbing/rolling]. This is a reward for anyone who believes that something is gained by saving all the newsclippings regarding UFO cases [Barry Greenwood is the Champion of this.] These clippings are very strongly supportive of the idea that this thing was independently witnessed. The finding of evidence for independent witnessing is UFO gold as it, obviously, shoots the credibility of the event into the stratosphere.

This is a different sort of multiply witnessed event, but it may well have been a natural physical object having nothing to do with technology. Nevertheless, multiple barometric stations registered increased air pressure as the thing flew over. The one guy quoted says that a "big meteor" could have done it. Well, OK, but at that height and over that much territory? This is another example where science seems to have blown a chance to do some novel science on a multiply-measured case.

I would like to comment further about the Modesto, CA and Bordentown, NJ cases, but the references were a little too lacking in support on the credibility side and I had no other {easy} source. Modesto, though, is a CE2physiological with numbness and near-paralysis --- pretty rare and allegedly multi-witnessed, so possibly significant. Bordentown is one of those "cute" curious{?} BOL things which messes with TV and radio reception and COULD be a novel physical energy phenomenon, or could be a form of intelligence presentation, as major BOL researcher, physicist Massimo Teodorani, seems driven to believe.

This is Lake Movil, MN. The case involves two adult women as primary witnesses. The object seemed to suddenly appear --- whether this was just "POP!" or whether it was just too dark to be seen and then turned on lights, we don't know. When the object later turned off its light, it could still be seen, but as a silhouette, so the women could have just missed it earlier. The hovering object had windows as above and three silhouetted humanoids in them {please forgive my error in the list above which says only two --- I'm too lazy to re-do it now.} The object was in good spatial relationship to their boat dock, and so the estimated 30+ foot diameter is probably accurate. The women got the creeps and felt that the "men" were watching them {rightly or wrongly}. They switched off their cabin lights and the object responded by doing the same. The elder of the two women then had an irresistible urge to open the door and run to the UFO, which she did while her daughter screamed at her not to. The craft responded to this by lifting upwards and rapidly disappearing after slowly angling away.

So what's the downside to the case? The ladies refused to talk about their experience for ten years, not wanting to appear as nuts. Then [we don't know this part] someone convinced them to talk and the National Inquirer got hold of it. Fortunately APRO also responded and did a field investigation old-style ---- this resulted in Brian James' great piece of art, but more importantly bona fides from local residents as to the quality of the witnesses as responsible folks. So, did it happen, and exactly like described? Plenty of strangeness if so. Is it "just" a CE3, or was there some mind control? The case has two "responsive" moments, which is an interesting feature, and the second also speaks against the mental manipulation hypothesis [as the UFO went away instead of taking the woman on-board]. {This is the point in the case where well-known abductionists would say "oh no both of them were abducted and neither remembers." Well, sorry. That is precisely what the case does NOT say, and needs a lot of defending.}

This is the Scotts Bluff area case. It's of interest to me not just because it is a CE2 vehicle interference case, and not just because the young men thought that the UFO "stalked" them, but mainly because the "UFO" is described as a "flat" light with nothing above it and no discernible thickness --- that says to me: "Window or Opening or Portal in the sky".

I'd like to believe that. It would give another datapoint to the hypothesis that advanced technology could manipulate space by opening paths dimensionally [and skipping around the Einsteinian velocity-of-light travel limitation on speed.] I do have several cases which seem to be at least possibly "Portal Events" --- that Skinwalker Ranch thing the other day seemed "Portal-like" --- so perhaps the report of these two guys isn't crazy.

There are other cases above. One is a very rare sighting claim of a miniature disk which not only flies alongside a car but bangs into it. One wonders if the rear collision was something else [a bird?], and the object alongside well seen. Single witness case. No ability to judge how good a look the driver had of the "disk." Collision left no mark.

The Russian case is good TV drama but, for me, worthless. The amount of unsupported rumor of this nature coming out of Russia is massive. With the exceptions of a very few pieces of data, I can't trust any of it.

The Argentinian flap of 1962-3. Well, despite that I begin to get hives when people talk to me about historical South American cases [two exceptions: Brazil when the team of Simoes, Ferriera, and Faria were involved, and Peru when Greenwell was involved], this stuff about this wave might have happened. For one thing, Argentine Air Force and Naval personnel were involved in several incidents, and for another, NICAP got some direct information. Thirdly, the excellent French UFOlogist Patrick Gross has posted on his website a solid review of the various reporting on this wave, and finally, the Condon Committee completely botched their look into the famous Deception Island case of slightly later, but botched it in a way which demonstrated to me that the Argentine military was doing a competent job reporting incidents. {and USA "authorities" were obscuring facts.}

So, we could well have had CE2s of the Electromagnetic, Trace, and Physiological types then and there.

That's it for me this time, folks. The picture above shows the thickness of the paper stack sent to me by Jan WHICH IS STILL LEFT TO DO. It could well be that this is HUMANLY possible to do, but it is not Me-Desirable to do. THEREFORE [and I state this with complete uncertainty of plan or purpose], I ain't gonna plough through all that. I'll do a few more year groups [probably], and may cherry-pick some others, but whoa --- there are only a few years left.

So, I'll ultimately be on to other things..... hmmmm.... what are those things in those unsorted file boxes? ..... case reports which need filing ..... Groan.............................

Till next time, friends, and Peace.


  1. prof , do you have case reports from yakima area ? it seem there's so many cases in the area especially from the fire watchers witnessing strange stuff in the area..

    Ex-Fire watcher recounted her experience during her time in Satus Fire Lookout tower :
    she also told me about the time during the day many years ago she heard a strange humming sound while she was on watch in the lookout. This sound grew stronger and stronger but she could not see where it was coming from. She finally noticed an aluminum colored disk reflecting sunlight and hovering in one place at a distance from the tower with her binoculars. Then she says in an instant it disappeared from view and she could hear the humming very loud above the tower and felt intense vibrations of energy. Dot says she wanted to go outside and look up, as she was sure it was above the tower but some unseen force held her back and she couldn't move. Then the humming sound and energy vibrations just stopped and she could move again.

    1. I do, but hardly a comprehensive listing. I believe that you or someone else here asked me about this before. Regardless, here are a few things I can say:

      A). To my knowledge the first person who collected a lot of this material was William Vogel, although his work seems to be later 1970s and 1980s and so we should credit Akers with priority [if anyone cares]. Vogel found 80-some cases in the mid-to-late 1970s and reported them to J.Allen Hynek. There was a publication on them in the Spring 1981 number of the CUFOS Bulletin.
      B). Greg Long has taken up Vogel's torch and published his book, Examining the Earthlight Theory, which was mainly about Yakima area Earthlight phenomena. He published an article in CUFOS' IUR for July/August 1994, and since has been researching for a second book not yet published.
      C). DATA-NET had an extremely interesting fire-lookout story in its February 1972 edition, which I have described in an earlier blog entry.
      D). Akers himself gave a very elaborate review paper {"The Toppenish Field Study"} at the 7th European Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration 1n 2007. Way back in 1972, National Enquirer sent Akers into Yakima to see if he could photograph the anomalous lights. Whether NEs involvement in this bothers anyone is up to them. It does not, in this case, bother me.
      E). Lastly I have in my Yakima file a letter containing a newspaper article from 1959 concerning regular appearances of lights over Yakima. The letter was sent to, of all people, George Hunt Williamson. The USAF said that they were just flares.

  2. another one here , different witness , same fire lookout tower :

    Date: March 13, 1973 -- 0711 PST Activity Location: Above Satus Fire lookout Observer Location: One mile east of White Swan on US 220 Summary: The observer was proceeding east in a car along US 220 from the town of White Swan. As she neared tho Tribal Community Center and White Swan Ranger Station, she noticed an object hovering over tho Satus fire lookout. (From the observer's position, Satus lookout was eight miles away and just a few degrees west of south.) There were no clouds in tho sky, visibility was excellent and the lookout was clearly visible in its position at Satus Peak on Toppenish Ridge.

    The observer stopped the car and continued to watch the object. Her first impression was that the object was a reflection from the microwave relay antenna dish near the lookout building, but soon determined that it was not. The object hovered quite low over the lookout for an estimated five to ten minutes. It then began to move slowly northward in jerks, much as an automobile will move when the clutch is released too quickly. The series of jerking movements lasted approximately 15 to 20 seconds and the object then accelerated into a very high speed departure to due north, passing just west Or the observer and moving out of sight just west of the city of Yakima.

    The object was described as being almost identical to an old dinner bell with the handle on the top (See Slide #1.). The object was oriented as shown in tho sketch, with the "handle" at the top. The observer estimated the object to be larger than a small aircraft (such as a Piper Cub), but smaller than an airliner. The object was a metallic grey color, except for the bottom, or what could be called the mouth of the bell. The latter portion of the object gave-off a strange, florescent orange glow. The colors did not change as the object departed.



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