Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everyday Spirituality: Light

Morning prayers outside...very cold. Don't know if I'll make it or have to go in. Just a few days ago we were under six inches and a blizzard. A Tibetan monk could have handled it, not me. Later in that day, "Dave The Winter Bear" had been around--snowblowing everyone in the neighborhood's walks and my driveway as well. Dave is a minister and my neighbor down the block. He doesn't do this because he is a minister; he is a minister because his heart makes him want to do this. A good guy. A good neighbor. Today, no snow. No birds in the air; no squirrels anywhere in motion. somehow they know perfectly well how to handle this. They "fit" the environment; we don't. Some wisdom there somewhere. Last night a light snow with big flakes. They are still on the ground and ferociously shining like diamonds. Science says that all light, when produced at the same time, is "entangled" --it always is in some profound way joined to all its parts no matter how far they seem to have flown away. The "Big Light" of the start of the universe was "together". It still is. All that light, all the matter that came from it, it's all still One. Newton would have loved that. And today I have my diamonds. The sunlight comes and goes as the puff clouds play their games with it. If I can just hang on out here for a bit more...and there it finally is: an Arabian Princess has just scattered her treasure box of colored jewels. Hundreds of the diamonds have turned to sapphires, rubies, need for Science now....

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