Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects, part nine-a.

Onwards and whicheverways: This will be the first five cases of this particular set covering the 1978-1980 era [#s 121-135 --- this piece=121-125]. We are at the end of the great era of rich high strangeness UFO cases that fizzled out in the latter 1970s or 1980 at the latest. My CE2p files are not necessarily representative of UFOlogy, but nevertheless seem to begin to take a familiar precipitous fall-off at about 1980. As CE2s are concerned, this is not just quality but raw numbers.

This set of five cases is fairly normal still. It contains a good mix of quality, and one "6". The famous effects of "sunburn", paralysis, eye irritation, headache, all have examples in the set.

The San Juan case [temporary blindness, animal effects, weakness, and a beam from the objects], could easily be better than a lowly "1", but all I have is translated newsclippings from Argentinian sources.

Moose River is very intriguing with its car-pacing metallic cigar and its bright red "sunburn"sequelae [plus eye irritation headaches and nausea], but all I have there is a SBI brief report. If Pete Mazzola [chief of SBI] had lived longer, he probably would have established a reputation as a decent UFO researcher, but his tenure was too abbreviated to allow a person such as myself to assess a confidence level in merely a brief report.

I honestly don't know what to make of the Gisbourne NZ case. There are several classic elements [vehicle interference; OZ; paralysis; tingling; nosebleed; numbness], and such makes one want to buy it. On the other hand, the witness says that she thinks she's an abductee [throwing a question of objectivity into the story]. I gave this some "benefit" in that it occurred during a UFO flap, that aspect of things being better attested to by others.

The Star of this set is Kerman CA. Here there is just one witness but he has high credibility and others were involved in close enough ways to make the credibility of the incident solid. There is also a verified doctor's assessment and a good field report. This is a "sunburn" case apparently caused by a red oval-shaped object encountered by the California patrolman. The officer was hit by a projected blue beam, apparently directed purposefully at him. Several persons noticed his "red-as-a-lobster" look as soon as he returned to the station. For a change these sunburned places made physical sense, being only on exposed parts, or parts with only a clothes layer shielding. There was no sunburning on his back nor where he was shielded by the metal of the cruiser. Two of the doctors who saw him suggested that it looked like he had "microwave" burns. Many other persons had reported "UFOs" or mysterious lights to the station that evening. This case, to me, is a solid anchor.

The final case of this set is from Puerto Rico. It emerges from a correspondence with CUFOS and a formal report [CUFOS case form] from an intelligent witness. There were two witnesses, a mother and teen-age daughter. We have some TV interference, a nice detailed disk, smaller globes flitting about it, and a scary feeling which gave them cold chills. The CE2p aspect may be non-existant or it might be real. The mother started shaking during the event and developed a fever the next day. This can possibly be written off to trauma or coincidence, but I report it anyway. The case itself, however, seems likely to be a good case.

That will be it for now. Will get the next five in shortly.

P.S. my CUFOS "boss", Mark Rodeghier, has asked me to write up the general study for the International UFO Reporter [IUR] and as I have been flaking off on that sort of thing due to my duties here in Wheeling, I think that I owe him. The relevance is that the article is another "job" which will eat time...so who knows if it will slow down the blog.


  1. Hello Prof, I hope you're well.

    Round about the time you posted this section, I began to turn the CE2 posts into a short book and then left it alone.

    It's taken a lot more time than anticipated (never again!) and I also added several appropriate images to ensure structure. For example, images of the Nordic UFO Newsletter guys and a witness sketch of a UFO from the official Colares '77 files.

    I've had a couple of free days lately to finish it off and I hope you like it. It's 85 pages, bookmarked and searchable. If you copy and paste the link into your browser, the PDF is there.


    I've just noticed that this month's posts contain the two that have occupied my thoughts the most - the Knock apparition and 'They Know Where We Live.' Both of which led me out to murky waters in terms of trying to make my own sense of them. Some things are perhaps best left alone.

    1. I just downloaded your compilation. What a nice thing to do. Thank you.

      Paging through it, it somewhat stunned me as to how much material ended up being presented there.

      Hard work at the time, but looking at it "together", worth it. Thanks again.

      If you're ever in the vicinity of Michigan, come over and spend a day or more.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's by way of saying thanks for your hard work and underlining the point that you make a difference too. As ambassadors of ufology go, you're not bad at all!

    Also, thanks for the invitation. If I'm ever in a position to visit Michigan, I'll be sure to say hello.

    I'll leave the link alone for a couple of days in case you'd like to share it with anyone. I'll delete it after that as it was just intended for your good self.



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