Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects, part ultimate.

This will be an inadequate wrap-up of a small adventure which has been more fun for me than I thought it would be. But since my files have run out, and I don't want to begin a whole new search for CE2ps on the net, let's call this a day. What if anything did we find out?? I'll give a few "soft conclusions" and everyone can make their own.

1). CE2ps consist of at least three kinds of things. a]. "paralysis" cases; b]. mild "radiation" burn cases; and c]. cases with effects which are unsurprising for someone simply in the way of some fairly commonplace technological emissions. There are also a large variety of incidents containing effects which are unique or very small in number, such that one wonders how much confidence can be placed in them.

2). The paralysis cases [there are about 39 of them in the pile] are essentially a separated set. That is, when paralysis is involved, there are very few if any other symptoms which come along with it. This is a rare instance where something in this field makes a pretty strong pattern. But there the pattern ends. Paralysis cases occur without regard to craft shape, craft color, or craft at all. They occur without regard to whether there is a visible beam involved or not. This resultant is exactly like a resultant that I found in vehicle interference cases: you can stop a car regardless of craft, shape, color, or beam. This is important though frustrating. It means that the agents behind the UFOs are probably never showing us the active technology itself. When you stop to think about this, and put yourself into the place of technologists who had the ability to do this stealth, AND you wanted general security and only that overtness that you chose to manifest, of course this is how you would play it. The only thing that this REALLY reveals to us, therefore, is that they CAN do it, and it is in their interest only to show us that they can and never how.

3). There are a solid number of "sunburn" cases which are separated from the paralysis cases, but often have other sequelae as well. There are twenty-nine of these. They look like the results of some properly behaving, generally radiating, energy, which probably would have similar effects on anything within the line-of-sight vicinity according to a 1/r-squared physical law. These cases are the product of indiscriminate spherically radiant effects rather than directed effects as in the paralysis. Therefore the easy conclusion would be that these sunburns are "accidents of exposure", while the paralyses are deliberate.

4). The second largest sequelae pile are the "eye irritations and temporary blindnesses". These seem to be like the sunburns in that they seem to be accidents of exposure --- in this case just to very bright light. The sunburns seem to require something in the electromagnetic light spectrum other than the visible, and that may well be microwave. The Russian flyer case seems to rule out UV since his canopy would have blocked it.

5). Other common sequelae consist of humans getting ill in some way : headaches and nausea chiefly [18 and 16 cases]. Since these can occur via a whole variety of things which "shake us up" including [for some folks] just getting extremely excited, these resultants aren't very boggling. Some of them may well be accounted for by the things which I believe account for most of the animal effects cases though: sound. High-pitched sounds can give some people headaches, along with driving some animals crazy, and low-pitched sounds [infra-sound] can make humans very ill and vomiting.

6). The UFOs seem to "do it" therefore by accidental exposure to commonplace radiative energies [light and sound], and by deliberate directed technology of an unknown source which can affect either the individual muscles [unlikely] or the spinal cord or the brain. If the brain, and we have a few cases of what seem to be such direct effects, then that technology could be a staggering ability to influence fine points in the motor cortex or some other such motive area, or, what is simpler for me to consider, a more general effect which blocks nor-adrenalin activity. In either case the technology must be very discriminating so as to block major muscle movement while not interfering with the heart. This means leaving the Brainstem alone.

7). there are a lot of other smaller [statistically] issues which could be chewed on. I'll leave them to some later time if at all [I mentioned that I'm writing this stuff up for IUR so maybe I'll try to tease out more there]. So, the last thing that I'll mention is that it's still basically "disks" and 'balls"/ "globes" that are on display. If you add the vague cases to these two [and it's likely that when someone reports a UFO case as "the object" he usually means a disk or globe], these add up to about 80% of all of them. If one reads three cases very carefully, one can argue that none of the three are describing triangles, and if those three are not, then none of the cases in my files are. That is a round-about way of saying that there may be NO triangles in my CE2p files. [they may be elsewhere, but they seem at least a small minority.]

That's enough. Quite a bit of "discovery" at least for my old weary eyes. Not enough, no doubt, for your young and anxious ones. But insight to UFOs comes very hard. That's why folks like you have to take it from where we oldtimers have left it, and carry-on from there. So I'll lay my tired bones beside the trail for a moment, and then try something else, God Willing.


  1. All good things come to an end and this sequence has been particularly good. It's been refreshing to side-step the tendency towards basking, mutely in the 'wow factor' of individual cases and squint towards something else instead.

    Intelligence, display and instrumentality are strong factors throughout the series. Gamesmanship is also suggested I think, but that requires that a game is in play and has some goal of victory. If such was the case, the 'game' could be a combination of sport, politics or psy-ops à la Subutai? Who's to say? I'm just thinking out loud without being resolved to any idea...

    Last year, I was immersed in the stats, tables, maps and graphs of UFO databases. I naively thought I'd had an original idea about UFOs and was looking if it held up. Through checking, I read papers by Sturrock, Teoderani, Vallee et al. I looked at the patterns in Chris Rutkowski's and the NUFORC databases among others. I read your papers/articles too.

    In your closing thoughts and earlier references to Fred Merrit's research, you describe subtle evidence of nascent patterns that possibly warrant a closer look. The guys above have all found behaviour patterns through different approaches (as you already know). Within these fleeting shapes appear to be indications of modi operandi. Although the data that leads to the evidence of patterns is open to question, it still justifies the attention and study.

    Anyway, I've found the series thoughtful and thought-provoking and I thank you for that. 'Tired bones' or not, keep on posting even if monthly. All the best.

  2. Thanks. I'll not slow down much, but the posts will begin to fly about through different topics I intuit. This long series was almost as much to get me into a look-see-and-promulgate mode again, as any specific topical goal. It seems to have worked, and my insides are not so depressed about the current lifestyle, so it has worked a bit of magic.

    Regarding this series, there is a lot in here that is not strongly focussed upon. And you folks can light up and get after bits and pieces if they strike a spark. That's what I always hoped for primarily as a teacher, moreso than rote regurgitation of my "lecture materials".

    My own future steps down the path will be some UFO stuff [which friends have already shared a reference to with me] and interesting bits from Ivan, which a few have already arisen. SSE will shortly announce the idea of preserved anomalies collections to which members and other responsible researchers will be welcome to schedule visits. SITU-in-Kalamazoo and a collection in Maryland will be the first two. Maybe this has started something good.



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