Friday, April 8, 2011

Something just for fun --- The SITU mess.

This gives you a little different "peek" at Ivan's files. These are pictures taken by one of my buddies after we had unloaded the monster and actually worked pretty hard on getting books on shelves and the other boxes at least stashed inside my [carpeted and dry] garage. The gallery which follows will show the "Happy Mess" in its near original state. Rummaging about in two of the pictures is a weird entity who also happens to write a blog.

What anomalistic treasures may be uncovered there? My buddy has just written me that an original copy of Oudemans Great Sea Serpent has been found and placed in an appropriately "sacred" location.


  1. Wow! Sheesh...what a job...Yikes.

  2. Incredible. Was ever a mess so inviting?

    I can hardly wait to see what you post about the interesting discoveries.

  3. Hah!!! You guys said it! Sadly, and the only thing sad about this so far, my duty to my Mom will limit how quickly I'll be able to organize all this and deliver the "goods" to everyone. So we'll all have to be patient. But I promise to continue the "peeks" as I blunder into them. Actually, if my scanner was working today [maybe Monday], I'd give you another one about the Flatwoods/Braxton County "monster" from Ivan's notes, which I found intriguing. I promise a briefnote probably Monday evening if all goes well on Flatwoods.

  4. Hello, Prof.

    Fantastic. Some folks have classic cars in their garage, you have Ivan's files. I prefer the latter. You lucky man. Time to move a coffee pot and a comfortable chair into the garage. Please keep banging away at this as time and care allow. Unbelievable. Regards.


  5. That's a treasure trove right there. Glad to see it's in such good hands. I can't wait for the gems you will find in that collection. Thanks for the peek.

  6. Greetings Professor!
    Yep - I double checked when I stopped by the other day (while chasing down some of Eberhardt's bibliographical info on Loch Ness) and it is indeed an original 1892 1st edition of Oudemans "The Great Sea Serpent." Super cool. For anyone interested, it has been republished with original illustrations and for a reasonable price - check Amazon where there are two reprinted editions available. I'd also recommend chasing down a copy of Heuvelman's "In the Wake of the Sea Serpents," which includes much of Oudemans data and cases, and sooooo much more.

  7. Thanks, friend. Tell me when you uncover the next treasure [book or file].

  8. Amazing! What a treasure trove! And so good to see it in good hands!

    How I would love to camp inside that garage and read/discover everything! To the generations which came after Ivan Sanderson - including me - this is the stuff of Fortean legend, a true Alladin's cave!

    How I'd wish the same fate would eventually also befall APRO's files!

    Kind regards


  9. If you're ever in the States, Theo, come over if possible to Michigan. Maybe we could get Clark levered out of Canby to join us.

    Re: APRO. We were all set to give that a real try, and even gave a substantial monetary offer probably two decades ago. Didn't even get the courtesy of a reply.

  10. Very sad to see the APRO files locked away with no access. Looking forward to the updates on the SITU files, what I wouldn't give for the chance to spend time digging through those files and see what gems are buried within!


  11. The APRO situation is, in my opinion, an inexplicable immorality. As an old professor, and particularly one with "Fortean" preservationist tendencies, the intractable keeping of knowledge away from others is a capital crime.

    On "digging" the SITU files: Even in a collection as interesting as this, you need a lot of patience. Every page is not a rough diamond, and Ivan didn't solve the mysteries either, though he cast light on some of them. Lots of materials in a person's files are things which the file-maker just stowed in there in hopes that maybe it would help at some stage of the mystery. Lots more we seekers already know about. So patience is the name of the game.

    This is much more like panning for gold than going to McDonald's.



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