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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects, part ten-b..

Cases # 141-145, 1980-1985. As my father used to say when we were nearing the end of a task: "we're in the short rows, now". [for you city folk, that's country farm-talk].
This set has several incidents which are interesting to me, although none of them are what you might call "typical" CE2p phenomena. The weak case of the five is so because I have only a news story on it. It is an "odd-shaped" object which passes over Sussex UK making a purring sound. At one point it hovers. The point of fascination for me is not any CE2p element. It's the way the thing "left" the scene. It began being erased from one end as it stood there in the air. [This is not the only case of this I've seen, but there certainly aren't many]. It is one of those things which could indicate an unusual "partial or shared" presence of these things with two spaces [our own and its own]. This idea that some UFO cases act as if they are "staring" at us out of another space through a "window" of some kind intrigues me as a hypothesis to deal with certain "was this thing physically present or not?" conundrums. The actual CE2p here is minimal: The witnesses memories of the event are present initially, but began to disappear, only fully returning later.

Boone IA 1985 is interesting. I have only the witness letter to Hynek, but still interesting. This thing was a diamond lightform with about a dozen smaller lights circling it. The witness felt a "presence" about it, but this could be entirely subjective and understandable. The group of lights began shading towards a yellowish pink and sending out vibrations. The witness felt his whole body vibrating and began to walk involuntarily. His color vision quit. The object suddenly just disappeared. Everything snapped back to normal immediately. This is a unique thing so what can we say??

Probably the best case of this lot is Plymouth UK. Here we have two witnesses which is a better start than most. The primary witness was coming to her parents' home [she was 23] late in the evening when she saw lights behind the house. She described the object as shaped like the body of a crab [ a disk-like thing?] With 6 or 7 "broad shafts of light" directed downwards [doubtless adding to the "crab-like" feeling of the thing]. When she placed her hand on her door, a green laser-like shaft of light was emitted and hit her hand. She was burned and felt that temporarily [thirty seconds] she could not move. An OZ-like silence enveloped the area. The laser switched off and she could go on opening the door. The UFO lifted and flew off. Despite immediately going to her sister, they could no longer see the Object. Later UFO investigators found that another woman had been watching something which she described with similar elements [example bright streamers shining downwards] but leaving a different impression of its shape. --- see the illustration ---burnt witness' drawing on the left]. Investigators also found that in some nearby houses the pet animals had panicked at the time. This seems pretty thoroughly looked into and there is a coherent narrative to it. I gave it a "5".

Lake Clifton, West Australia is probably outstanding as there is allegedly an RAAF report but I have only seen the thumbnail of that. This case is a car stalker by a brightly lit orange object. It made passes at the car and each interaction left the driver with his back heating up and his stomach getting nauseous. The thing projected a "smoldering" smell. The thing apparently was sometimes there and sometimes gone, but it is not stated whether that coincided with oncoming traffic. When it left the final time, he was approaching a town and reported to police. I like that a lot when they report immediately to the police --- or in Canada, the RCMP. In those countries/cultures this is almost certainly the sign of a legitimate report.

The last one of this set is Foxboro MA. A "UFO" suddenly appeared and struck the witness with a beam. It was stated to be bigger than a house [I can't believe that Ray Fowler didn't ask what the shape of the UFO was, so there must be a typical Fowler-style "overkill" file on this somewhere]. For the next approximately 30 minutes estimated, the witness was paralyzed. He remembered "mumblings" in his head, and then dropped unconscious. [once again, my file report from Joe Nyman is not Fowleresque or it would be clear if the paralysis lasted for c.10 minutes and the unconsciousness for the rest of the 30/which I'm guessing is really what happened]. The witness had nights of talking in his sleep where he apparently was reliving the encounter. He also had a burn mark on his chest where the beam hit him. "Worst of all" from a UFO investigation perspective, poltergeist experiences began to pop around the home in the days following. These involved things like lights turning on and off, water faucets doing the same, and small objects moving. The witness was thirteen, so he is a prime candidate for the William Roll hypothesis for the "hormone transitional" adolescent unconscious psychokinetic poltergeist causer. Well, who knows?? If such is reality, then the subsequent unconscious PK could have only a marginal relationship to the UFO incident. Regardless, multiplying the number of anomalies always makes it tougher to be convincing. Give me a nice "clean" single-minded UFO case every time, if I have to defend UFOs to anybody.


  1. There's a similar case in the BUFORA files from 1995. A Yorkshire, England family were enjoying an evening in the garden. Towards 10pm, a series of unusual events began to unfold with multi-coloured lights in the sky and a 'full moon' where it shouldn't have been.

    As the evening progressed, they experienced missing time and a period of peculiar silence when, despite the stereo playing, it couldn't be heard. The wife recalled how the glasses disappeared repeatedly (poltergeist activity?).

    ' I sat down and my glass was there and then it was gone, so I went into the kitchen
    for a fresh glass and poured myself another one and put it under the bench and then
    that had gone too. The glasses just kept disappearing all the time. My niece ended up
    with no glasses in her house the following day. There was also a strange atmosphere
    there all night.'

    In the report, the husband and wife describe feeling anxious over the following days. BUFORA followed up by looking into the usual prospects of explanation and it remained unknown. Unfortunately, due to a mix-up, the husband and wife underwent hypnotic regression with another party and the investigation had to end.

  2. Of course, I don't have a right to speculate on what sort of anomaly this is/was, but these sorts of things enter UFOlogical files constantly at a slow trickle, making me wonder if something else entirely likes to [occasionally] mimic the phenomenon.

    The OZ effect occurs in incidents which have no UFO connection to them in the narrative most of the time [i.e. there are a lot of paranormal reports of "odd happenings" which are "clean" of UFOs.] In todays world the UFO concept has become the "one size fits all" pseudo-explanation for everything odd --- reminds me of the comedy series Red Dwarf where Ringer was sure that Aliens had stolen a missing roll of toilet paper.

    It is in this [minority] of cases that I believe that Vallee and Keel were intuitively on to something. Something of the imitative trickster seems to intrude into the MUCH simpler world of UFOs now and then, seemingly "for its own amusement". When cases have this "stick around and mess with you" character, I tend to carve them out and place them in my "possibly paranormal trickster" pile.

  3. P.S. I forgot to thank you for the report [unmannerly of me]. This sounds like something that Jenny Randles would have been into.

  4. Hi Dr Swords

    I noticed that the Cash/Landrum incident is missing from your list of CE2‘s. Is this a deliberate omission? I would certainly appreciate your opinion/thoughts on this case. Apologies if you have already addressed the case, I am attempting to catch up on a few posts

    Best wishes

    Lee Dines

  5. I'm impressed with the Red Dwarf its day, a great show.

    The BUFORA report is at

  6. To Lee Dines: my view of the Cash/Landrum case is unpopular. I believe absolutely that the incident occurred and that it occurred probably very nearly like the witnesses said it did [witness testimony can never said to be exact]. I believe that John Schuessler did a terrific job dogging the case and if anyone wanted a "file" on it, they should just buy his book. I also believe absolutely that the witnesses suffered the radiation-like damages that are described and pictured within. So what's the problem??

    I don't believe that it is a UFO case in any way other than the simplistic definition of not having identified the machine yet. That case is a significant outlier to my thinking as regards UFO case files. It does NOT to my mind demonstrate "strangeness" beyond human technology of our current knowledge. The presence of a fleet of helicopters framing a limping malfunctioning piece of equipment burning fire out the bottom and moving at a snail's pace says "human technology gone awry" to me. The fact that John was unable to track down where the helicopter fleet came from is not an argument for an extraterrestrial source of the focus object. The fact that we don't know of what secret project this could have been is another unimpressive argument to me for its extraterrestriality.

    I can MUCH easier see this thing as military-industrial complex nuclear technology gone astray, damaging people with nuclear radiation thus giving a major reason to further hush this up, and being treated with abnormally high serious secrecy as far as the military is concerned.

    Others will differ. I've had a conversation with John wherein he said he had no doubt that it was ET-technology. He is a friend. Despite that, I wholly disagree. I will respect others who also disagree with me on this one, but that's the way I see it. Despite being a great UFO-Sympath, I will not let that interfere with my experience with cases nor my intellect analytically. To all C/L enthusiasts: sorry.



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