Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects, part nine-b.

Cases #126-130, 1978-1979 era. Not a lot to brag about here.
There is one case in this group that I rate a "0". Several references to it that I've glanced at in the past view it with a great deal of suspicion and consider it a hoax. [Tyler TX].

There are three "3s". All of these are lower rated because of insufficiencies in their files as I have them. It does not mean that they are not good cases, but only that my files cannot support a strong feeling of credibility as is. The Te Araroa New Zealand case in particular needs something "objective" to support it, as of now all there is is the witness self-publishing on the internet. The report is intelligent and that is to its credit, but the thing is one of those "bedroom awakenings" situations which throw it into the sleep paralysis and carnival-of-the-mind arenas. Plus this claimant is a repeater.

Delta, Ontario is quite similar. It is also self-reported, but at least the claim is of a waking encounter with a modest UFO element to it. Witness is quite paranoid about the thing however, and her feeling that it later affected her pregnancy might be objectively illegitimate, while being emotionally real.

Whereas the two previous cases probably should be rated lower, the Oak Bluffs case probably should be higher. It was an investigated case and my rating only reflects the lack of seeing the actual report. Still, Ray Fowler and Joe Nyman were involved so the details should be good. The weakness in the case therefore is not the paralysis aspect [which is classic] but the attempt of researchers to ram this into a CE4. Taken as a CE2p case with possible CE2e&m collaterals, the case is probably all the way up to a "5". It would be nice to see the original report on this one.

The best case in this group is the Polish case which was sent to CUFOS from a respected UFO investigator there. This case has an Environment-goes-silent OZ effect in it, which always makes one wonder if somehow a "patch" of our world has been isolated in part from the rest of reality. If not that, these cases make one wonder about very specific effects upon the human brain. It is brain-function alteration?, or is it some sort of "force bubble" effect?, or is it an actual slippage into a form of parallel reality in whole or "just" partial interface? ... or....? The case itself involves a nice little technological disk plus a "sunburn" effect. It also has a rare "symbols" element to the report. But to me, the real "game" here is the OZ. What is going on?


  1. Prof, I know you have a real life and all manner of obligations and better things to attend to. Moreover, this subject is short on reward and doesn't have the decency to even offer definitives and conclusions. Maybe 'Shamballaesque' could be a neologism that defines 'pitching at windmills?'

    In spite of all that, as this series of topical posts draws nearer to the end, I hope you continue to post along similar lines.

    Now I've got the inane flattery out of the way; the psychology entrenched in recollections of sightings fascinates me. Friends and I saw a UFO zig-zag across the sky a few years ago. It was on Eastbourne beach on the south coast of England. Another group of people saw it too and were likewise swearing in surprise.

    In my memory, there was a silence that overlaid the incident. At the same time, it's a puzzle as to whether the 'silence' happened or is a figment of recall? I wonder how many others feel this dissonance after the fact?

  2. I don't know a good answer as few persons are as reflective as you about their experience. [ Therefore we don't have much witness talk about this possibility]. Knowing a little about how the brain works and how it can alter its own perceptions either by type or by rate due to excitement, I would have come close to dismissing the "OZ Factor" except for the occurrence of it to multiple witnesses at once. That aspect of some of these cases makes me feel that "OZ" is in some way real [i.e. part of the experience rather than merely a response of the brain's innate chemistry]. This isn't much of an answer but it my fragmentary view.



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