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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects, part ten-a.

First five of the next set of fifteen, 1980 era, the last big year for the phenomenon in my files, and then trickles thereafter. Cases #136-140.
No superstars here but three reasonably hopeful ones. Let's begin with the weakest.

This case is called by a friend of mine "Le Chat Agite". It may not be a CE2p at all. The witnesses were walking when a tee-pee-shaped object, glowing and making a tinny sound, floated by. It suddenly went dark and shot away. They were scared at the time but after a night's sleep all that was gone. The next day they walked back the way they had come and encountered a fear-frozen cat along the way. You can read the witness' description to the left. He obviously thinks that the cat's condition might be related to the previous night's UFO, but ....

There is a rural Michigan case where an object moves about in erratic fashion, giving off a bad smell. Then it shoots a lightbeam up into the clouds and follows that path out-of-sight. Animals were going haywire all about.

The Lima OH case was investigated by my friend John Timmerman, but all I have currently in my file is a newspaper story. Since John has entrusted me with his files, there is doubtless more to this, but as of now I'm guessing at a tentative "4". Three witnesses saw a globe with lights encircling it. They had interference on the radio. An orange beam flashed into one witness' eye. He felt heat and was burned, causing him to stumble. The UFO accelerated away. This is an extremely rare incident where one might imagine a directed beam which damaged someone.

The Bloomfield IN case was a dark craft with two bright headlights and a small red light to the rear. It rested in a farm field making whistling sounds. The "headlights" were of that fascinating sort which can be seen by the eye, but do not illuminate any of the surroundings. You can do a lot of speculating on how this could be pulled off, but I've not heard a consensus, as most UFOlogists don't seem to like to get headaches thinking about such things. The craft lifted off and flew directly overhead. The witnesses "felt the quality of the air change". And the farm animals went crazy panicking.

The final case is in the near ocean off Vaasa Finland. This was a situation where one person was returning from the other man's villa to his own home south along the coast. As he proceeded in the motorboat, the other watched from the increasing distance. An orange circular object appeared in the sky, seeming heading directly at the boat [there may have been some engine interference as well; this is not clear]. The man in the boat felt heat, became disoriented, and lost balance, while still trying to evade the object. The object hovered overhead, then appearing saucer-shaped. It then took on a "zeppelin" appearance and shot away. This case is from the small gem, The Nordic UFO Newsletter, which in my experience does good work.


  1. I've always been fascinated by these kinds of cases. The better reports of this kind seem to me to have more data to process than the "I saw a light in the sky from far away" (although I suppose nocturnal lights have their place in understanding the phenomenon). I would think that CE2s with either physiologic effects and/or trace evidence would be "where the money is". Since you are our source of who's who in these matters, any thoughts on where would be good place to look for what has been written on this?

    Thanks Prof


  2. Hello Prof. I hadn't heard of the Nordic UFO newsletter before so I had a look for more information. Naturally, this led to the great archival work of the AFU and a lengthy biography of K. Gösta Rehn on the site. I'm familiar with the AFU after emailing them last year, but Gösta Rehn was a new name to me.

    In the bio it describes how, following his death, his daughter Greta Frankel had essentially thrown away his archives of 32 binders. Luckily, these were recovered and are now part of the AFU. I've no doubt at all that all this is well-known to you.

    What caught my attention is the importance of archives and ensuring their longevity and accessibility for those who follow 'the path.' The parallels between Sanderson's and Rehn's archives are fairly obvious. Likewise the recent release of APRO Bulletins and the active torrent of all the Skylook/MUFON Journals pre-2007. Your own CEII narratives are part of the same continuity and ensure that these reported anomalous occurences reach a wider audience.

    There's a lot to be said for 'hidden colleges' and private collections; at the same time, there's a reasonable argument in favour of making resources generally available. Life and circumstance offer no protection to history and great collections run the risk of being tomorrow's garbage.

    Hopefully, there are provisions in place to ensure continuity.

  3. To MnDoc: Ted Phillips' Trace Catalog published by CUFOS is still the standard on CE2t's 30 years on. I've filled that gap by collecting articles by Ted and others since, and making a large personal resource. Some of that can be done on the Internet by mining Fran Ridge's NICAP site and looking specifically for trace cases. [Lots of other solid information on things like Radar cases there too --- it is the best English-language site on the Internet]. The much more extensive list of cases called UFO DNA can hint to you what CE2s exist and tell you in what sort of source the case was found [but no page numbers, and sometimes errors of fact and citation, but generally a valuable tool to begin a hunt].

    I find the same thing true of CE2p's but without a Phillips catalog. John Schuessler has done a catalog which is OK but not at the Phillips level. Mark Cashman added a listing of eye&skin irritation reports on his now-defunct Temporal doorway site, which was excellent, but I don't know if it is still available for download.

    These catalogs are just starting points. You still have to begin collecting thicker files containing primary information and then extract and make piles of similar encounters to get around the "I wasn't there conundrum".

    Lastly, for now, the Italians are really doing good work [Daniel Russo & Maurizio Verga's team] and I'll bet they have great CE2 catalogs and maybe even in English.

  4. To Kandinsky: Currently my will says that all the UFO stuff which is not duplicated in CUFOS goes to CUFOS. The SITU files are still owned by the Society for Scientific Exploration and will go back to them when I pass on. That is all I can do in an imperfect world with "ordinary guy-level" funds.

    Mark Rodeghier has always wanted to scan the monstrous CUFOS collection. It's money.



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