Sunday, November 8, 2009

Everyday Spirituality: take a breath; take a break.

Anomalies tomorrow. Today, just nomalies. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sunday morning outside saying morning prayers and staring at the creation. Mixture of fog and sunlight today. Nice. Birds and squirrels--no people [now you be nice about that]. No insects--now that's really nice. I guess that I have a ways to go to become the Dalai Lama. Actually I saw him swat an insect once while being interviewed by Bill Moyers. Moyers, who himself was happy to swat the mosquito, was still surprised that the Dalai Lama did. But Moyers [the "grass-hopper" in this wisdom play] was told: "The first time I give a little blood. The second time I shoo it away. The third time 'WHACK'." Forgive me my Buddhist friends, but that was the moment that I had greatest appreciation for the Dalai Lama's wisdom. Today, I have no need to struggle with the conundrum. Microcosmic vampirism isn't on Mother Nature's agenda, at least as far as I am concerned. The dew from the fog is lighting up the grass like diamonds ...but no colors yet. A red-breasted bird comes and sits on the branch of the paper-birch tree not twenty feet away. Ok, prayers are over, but I won't get up yet and disturb you. I'll sit here until you decide to fly on your own. As Freeman Dyson said: do I have the right to disturb the universe? The Olde People didn't think so, at least as far as Robins were concerned. The Robins, it was said, contained a drop of the blood of the Lord, and were not to be harried. Alright, Sir Robin, no harrying. For that I was rewarded with a dewdrop turning to a fabulous blue-green jewel. Far at the end of the street a couple was coming. I don't know them, but as they say hello everytime they pass, I do. It was time to go in but Sir Robin didn't think so. Down the street they came, walking their old black dog, taking his time to sniff every possible item along the way. They were patient with him, as they had apparently been patient with each other, still walking together after what was probably 40 years of marriage. They passed by, again with the cheery hello and have a good day. When I looked up, the Robin was gone. Goodness, peace, unspoken togetherness had been served, and it was on its way. GOD bless and peace on this Sunday and all days that we are privileged to participate in this reality of wonders. Take a breath.


  1. The comments by the DL regarding the buzzing mosquito echo Goldfinger's comments to Bond regarding their confrontations: "The first time is happenstance, Mr. Bond. The second is coincidence. The third is enemy action." I enjoy your blog, though I say to you the Christian sermonizing gets a bit old.

  2. "Christian sermonizing..." how insulting. If one cannot simply speak of what is of deep importance to oneself, and without attempts to insist that others believe the same way, and yet others can not be tolerant to the point of reveling in another's spirituality as a possible enrichment of their own, what does that say of our cherished image of ourselves as open, loving, and evolving persons growing into our futures whatever they may bring? A really disappointing slap at a mosquito who hasn't drawn blood at all. The world just got a little colder for me. I was about to post something joyful about Mothman and my family's marginal involvement with that, but as writing must have a spontaneous and in this case happy component to it, ...well...maybe later. .And I just re-read the blog could have just as easily have been written by anyone who believed in GOD and prays. If you are an atheist, I am sorry to have offended you, but I said from the beginning that this blog would have a heavy dose of the spiritual in it.

  3. Thank you for sharing this moment with me. I read ever last word and felt like I was there. What a wonderful spiritual moment in time. I've been reading a book called "Decoding The Spiritual Messages of Everyday Life" by Dr. Paul DeBell. It's an amazing book that has helped me to overcome challenges and become more perceptive, creative, and fulfilled in my daily routines. Sometimes you just have to take a break and a breath to enjoy God's creation.

  4. Bless you. I'll try to get a copy of your recommended book. We all need this.



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