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Would The U.S. Intelligence Agencies Try To Turn A Nice Irish Girl Into A Weapon?

I was essentially ignorant of the accomplishments of Eileen Garrett [it was not my field of study] until the material which is hinted at in the title of the post came into my hands. Reading that the intelligence agencies were interested in her was an eye-opener. I'll tell what I know of that story near the end of this entry. As a lead-in to that, let's look a bit more at what she was doing in the secular world prior to coming to the attention of the military.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Back in England in the later 1930's, Eileen Garrett was in full bloom as far as reputation was concerned. She was invited for psychic sittings, either as the prime medium or as an observer. A prominent researcher, who was mentioned in an earlier post, Nandor Fodor, was involved in a sticky haunting case. This incident, "The Ash Manor Poltergeist", has been written up by Fodor in his book, The Haunted Mind. You can read the whole thing there. It involves, apparently, a "spirit" which may be more the repressed anger of a confused husband in an unhappy marriage [mostly of his own doing] and many phenomenological manifestations, including a temporary "laying" of the "ghost", which was briefly successful. Eileen Garrett was asked by Fodor to help with the situation and did so. Rather than go over the actions taken by Garrett and Fodor to ultimately succeed [and it was not a dead simple thing], I have brought this incident up to provide a reason to give you these following quotes from Eileen's "control spirit" named Uvani. [she, by the way debated her whole life as to what the nature of "Uvani" might be]. Uvani, whether a separate spirit or a spiritual facet of herself, said this at one point in the assessment of the Ash Manor difficulties: "You will not mind if I say that where there is unhappiness in a house and there is an impression of someone [i.e. a departed spirit] coming back, it is because you make for that spirit a Garden of Memory in which it can live and revive its sufferings. Unless you are, consciously or unconsciously, in a state of mind in which this impression can vivify itself, you will not be troubled. Haven't you discovered that these things only happen to you when you are in a bad emotional state, physically or mentally disturbed? Don't you realize that you yourself vivify this memory?" Here Eileen has given the theory for the poltergeist phenomenon, and perhaps the only such theory based on "inside" information. Poltergeist/haunted places are locations where the former spirit had intense unhappiness or some other serious unfulfillment. This disharmony or incompleteness "impresses upon" the environment its nature. When that environment is later occupied by a consciousness which is in its own way disturbed, this enlivens the impressed environment, empowering either the "lost spirit" itself or some fundamental not-rightness in the place to cause paranormal lashings-out. Later theorists like Roll set forward a theory that young people going through confusions and unhappinesses at puberty were the living causes of poltergeists, but I will stick with Eileen Garrett on this and say that the Unconscious Psychokinesis theory has, at best, got it only half right. Describing the Ash Manor environment as a "frame", Uvani said later in the session: "Isn't there a picture that belongs in the original frame? Life [one suspects she means spiritual life] cannot die. You can explode its dynamism [the physical body] but you cannot dissipate its energy. If you suffer where life suffered, the essence that once filled the frame will take from you something to dramatize and live again." Esoteric thoughts, yes. Maybe even correct.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
During the earliest stages of WW2, Eileen found herself trapped by the war on the continent. She got out on a refugee boat heading for America. There she made contacts with parapsychological friends and so did not suffer too badly from the dislocation. She became a US citizen in 1947. The following year, a former Lieutenant in the Army, Andrija [then going by Henry] Puharich, set up a technological laboratory to test psychic subjects. This was called the Round Table Foundation Laboratory of Experimental Electrobiology [Glen Cove, Maine]. Where the funding really came from is unknown by me, but Puharich had highly placed political contacts such as former vice-president Henry Wallace, as well as military personnel interested in psychological warfare. Fairly early in these experiments, Puharich asked Eileen Garrett if she wanted to participate in some testing [it is easily possible that she knew nothing of any spooky government involvement, as her whole life was saying yes to the next interesting tests.] Puharich ran tests on her [these things were with the subjects in a "Faraday Cage" to completely dampen out "electromagnetic noise"] and a few other psychics. I learned about these things, which seem to have only vague hints about them among the parapsychological community [including in both Garrett's and Puharich's own books] , through an accident of UFOlogical research. While attempting to help Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle with their Roswell research, I, and two friends, located the original head of Wright-Patterson AFB's Intelligence Division [Howard McCoy]'s remaining papers, and in them was a copy of the core information about these tests--which you may see a bit of on the collage above--it is the most interesting bit; I'm not holding back on you. The military was interested in whether they could use psychics to probe enemy secrets "at-a-distance", how to maximize effectiveness, and perhaps how to block the bad guys' psychics. Chief-of-WR-PAT Intelligence McCoy [during his next assignment in the Pentagon] had this study in his files. Obviously they were taking it seriously. This is almost certainly the start of the famous CIA remote viewing "black project" done in the 1960s to test the same thing. But it stayed secret all those years--even my friend Hal Puthoff who was a primary operator of the CIA tests was unaware of these early Garrett results. And look at the {admittedly hard to read} conclusions that I've clipped for you in the collage. Some of those words are mind-blowing. Not only is the veridicality of the phenomenon stressed but Puharich claims that some forms of "time distortion" are indicated by the results. This pushes my Cosmos really hard, and I'd have to see just what the data says and whether Eileen had anything to do with that part of the results.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Well, folks, my mind's probably well past breaking point [and I wish I could give you this sort of inside information all the time, but I'm not smart enough, and we'll have to put up with more pedestrian stuff in future], so I'll leave our Girl-Who-Can-See-Around-Corners with this last quote: "Through the years of my trance communications and research, two control personalities ... have always been identified with my work, and they have never ceased to maintain their independent and separate selves. It is interesting to note that they have always welcomed every form of scientific investigation into the nature of their own being and the mechanisms of my supernormal functioning; but up to the present any efforts to dislodge them or to reduce them to aspects of my own consciousness have led to no change in their attitude, position, or state of being. The control personalities still maintain the roles they have always played in relation to me, since my trance work began. I have reached a point in my development where I can live in harmony with myself and at peace with those personalities, for I am now able to regard them as the finer aspects of my true self. Whatever their origin may be, I do not, at present, have at my command the means of knowing; but for the time being, I am content to accept the controls as aspects of a constructive principle upon which my entire life has been built". Eileen Garrett passed upwards through the Light Tunnel in 1970. She probably knows it all now.


  1. You might ask Hal about SRI, Puharich, Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 and it's DOD experiment, "Chapel Bell". It would certainly have been "at a distance". Just speculating...

  2. Hal has talked to me about his SRI/CIA days, once the subject was declassified [he has been quite loyal to his oaths as far as I can tell], and although the insider tales were very interesting, he did not know about Puharich's exact tests with Garrett that we talked about in the post. Several times, USAF and psychological warfare specialist [and world-class anti-communist hawk] Stefan Possony would amble over to SRI from Stanford's Hoover Institute and [obviously cleared to do so] would ask how the work was going. Hal never knew that Possony had UFO involvement or, as he said to me, he would have asked him about it. Still, if I get another chance to personally sit down with Hal and talk to him about those days, [it's better in a personal way], I'll ask him.

  3. "Puharich ran tests on her [these things were with the subjects in a Faraday Cage to completely dampen out electromagnetic noise]..."

    As a sidenote , there's a few reference on Faraday Cage testing for OOBE in Robert Monroe's Institute (described in RM's Far Journey book). In it RM described 2 experiments , #1 he tried to reach OOBE state while in faraday cage (uncharged) and he had no problemds, #2 he tried the same experiment with charged faraday cage and he had problem he described as if his 'soul/spirit body (?)' was trapped in some kind of 'net' (?).

    IIRC Robert Monroe also works with SRI's Hal Putoff in their CRV training programmme

    1. I do not believe that Monroe works with Hal. Hal, I believe, does not even pursue this sort of research any longer.



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